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Missouri Resource Cards:
1998 Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment Series
   Division of Geology and Land Survey - 1998

Notes:  The DGLS sets are divided into topics, with numbering within the topics 
continuing through to later sets. The list reflects the 2nd printing (revised 10/98), 
which had minor text revisions and one photo change (Iron Tailings Dam). Many t
hanks to Mike Fitzpatrick for the list and to Terry Russell for the update!

August 1998: 1500 print run. October 1998: 1500 print run.

No.   Title                        Subtitle

   Missouri Caves

  1   Common Cave Entrance
  2   Pit Cave Entrance
  3   Solutional Features
  4   Speleothems
  5   Spring Caves

   Missouri Dams

  1   Bagnell Dam
  2   Earthfill Dam
  3   Concrete Dam
  4   Barite Tailings Dam
  5   Lead Tailings Dam
  6   Iron Tailings Dam

   Missouri Ice Age

  1   Mastodon
  2   Musk Oxen
  3   Peccary
  4   Giant Ground Sloth

   Land Surveying

  1   Missouri Land Surveying
  2   Survey Equipment
  3   Field Notebooks
  4   Witness Tree

   Missouri Rivers

  1   Missouri River
  2   Meramec River
  3   Jacks Fork

   Missouri Rocks and Minerals

  1   Minerals
  2   Rocks
  3   Calcite                      (CaCO3) (calcium carbonate)
  4   Limestone
  5   Dolomite
  6   Sandstone

   Missouri State Geologist

  1   George C. Swallow            1853 - 1861
  2   Albert D. Hager              1870 - 1871
  3   J. G. Norwood                Sept. 1, 1871 - Nov. 1871
  4   Raphael Pumpelly             Nov. 1871 - July 1873

   Missouri Springs

  1   Big Spring
  2   Greer Spring
  3   Bennett Spring

   Missouri Wells

  1   Cisterns and Hand-Dug Wells
  2   Cable Tool Drilling Rig
  3   Rotary Drilling Rig
  4   Bucket-Auger Rig

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