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Missouri Resource Cards:
2000 Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment Series
   Division of Geology and Land Survey - 2000

Notes:  The DGLS sets are divided into topics, with numbering within the
topics continuing through to later sets. Many thanks to Mike Fitzpatrick
for the checklist and to Terry Russell for an update!

Two printings: each of 1500 sets.

No.   Title                                        Subtitle

 --   Year 2000 Missouri Resource Trading Cards

   Missouri Caves

  6   Cathedral Cave                               Onondaga Cave State Park, Crawford County
  7   Devil's Icebox                               Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Boone County
  8   Fisher Cave                                  Meramec State Park, Crawford County
  9   Onondaga Cave                                Onondaga Cave State Park, Crawford County
 10   Ozark Caverns                                Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Camden County

   Missouri Dams

  7   Cedar Hill Dam                               Jefferson County
  8   Goose Creek Dam                              St. Genevieve County
  9   Table Rock Dam                               Taney County
 10   Ozark Beach Dam                              Taney County

   Missouri Ice Age

  5   Giant Short-Faced Bear
  6   American Lion
  7   Ice Age Bison

   Missouri Land Surveying

  5   Surveyor's Compass
  6   Surveyor's Transit
  7   Total Station
  8   GPS Surveying

   Missouri Rivers

  4   Mississippi River
  5   St. Francis River
  6   Osage River

   Missouri Rocks and Minerals

  7   Chert                                        (silicon dioxide SiO2) Burlington Formation (Mississippian Period), Jefferson County
  8   Claystone                                    Cheltenham Formation (Pennsylvanian Period), Maries County
  9   Geode                                        Warsaw Formation (Mississippian Period), Clark County
 10   Granite                                      Graniteville Granite (Precambrian), Iron County
 11   Gypsum                                       (CaSO42H2O) Audrain County
 12   Rhyolite                                     Bell Mountain Rhyolite (Precambrian), Reynolds County

   Missouri Springs

  4   Maramec Spring                               Maramec Spring Park, Phelps County
  5   Welch Spring                                 Ozard National Scenic Riverways, Shannon County
  6   Hahatonka Spring                             Ha Ha Tonka State Park, Camden County

   Missouri State Geologists

  5   Garland C. Broadhead                         July 1873 - May 1875
  6   Charles P. Williams                          Acting 1875 - 1878
  7   Arthur Winslow                               1889 - 1894
  8   Charles R. Keyes                             1894 - 1898

   Missouri Wells

  5   Abandoned Wells and Cisterns
  6   Abandoned Hand-Dug Wells and Cisterns
  7   Abandoned Wells in Unconsolidated Deposits
  8   Abandoned Wells in Consolidated Bedrock

   Missouri Fossils

  1   Brachiopods                                  Spirifer - Middle Mississippian Chert
  2   Crinoids                                     Aesiocrinus - Pennsylvanian Period
  3   Trilobites                                   Ampyxina bellutulla - Maquoketa Shale, Ordovician Period, Pike County
  4   Bryozoan                                     Archimedes wortheni, Keokuk Limestone, Mississippian Period, Howard County
  5   Ammonoids                                    Glaphyrites excelsus - Pennsylvanian Period (Paleozoic Era), Cass County

   Missouri Geology

  1   Geologic Time Scale
  2   Pleistocene Epoch                            (Cenozoic Era - Quaternary Period), 10,000 years to 1.6 million years ago
  3   Tertiary Period                              (Cenozoic Era), 1.6 to 66.4 million years ago
  4   Cretaceous Period                            (Meozoic Era), 66.4 to 144 million years ago
  5   Pennsylvanian Period                         (Paleozoic Era), 286 to 320 million years ago
  6   Mississippian Period                         (Paleozoic Era), 320 to 360 million years ago

   Missouri Geologic Wonders

  1   Clifty Hollow Natural Bridge                 Cliffy Creek Natural Area, Maries County
  2   The Candelabra                               St. Francois County
  3   Devil's Honeycomb                            Hughes Mountain Natural Area, Washington County
  4   Johnson's Shut-Ins                           Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park, Reynolds County


  1   Surface Water Resources of Missouri
  2   Groundwater Resources of Missouri
  3   Missouri Water Quality Assessment
  4   Water Use of Missouri
  5   Hydrologic Extremes in Mossouri              Flood and Drought
  6   Water Resources Sharing                      The Realities of Interstate Rivers


 --   2000 Series Index
 --   Missouri Resource Trading Cards

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