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Missouri Resource Cards:
Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment, 3rd Series
   Division of Geology and Land Survey - 2001

Notes:  The DGLS sets are divided into topics, with numbering within the
topics continuing through to later sets. Many thanks to Mike Fitzpatrick
for the checklist!

Print run: 3000 sets.

No.   Title                            Subtitle

 --   Missouri Resource Trading Cards

   Missouri Caves

 11   Great Spirit Cave                Pulaski County
 12   Onondaga Cave                    Crawford County
 13   Berome Moore Cave                Perry County
 14   Virgin Cave                      Crawford County
 15   Welch Spring and Cave            Shannon County

   Missouri Dams

 11   Landslides and Dam Safety
 12   Spillway Debris and Dam Safety
 13   Rodents and Dam Safety
 14   Cattle, Seepage and Dam Safety

   Missouri Land Surveying

  9   Witness Posts
 10   Witness Trees
 11   Tree Scribing
 12   Stone Marker

   Missouri Rivers

  7   Gasconade River
  8   Big Piney River
  9   Current River
 10   Eleven Point River
 11   North Fork River

   Missouri Rocks and Minerals

 13   Glacial Till
 14   Tertiary Gravels
 15   Dolomite                         (CaMg(CO3)2) (calcium-magnesium carbonate)
 16   Chert Concretion                 (SiO2 silicon dioxide)
 17   Shale
 18   Limonite                         (2Fe2O33H2O) (iron oxide)

   Missouri Springs

  7   Roubidoux Spring                 Pulaski County
  8   Relfe Spring                     Phelps County
  9   Hodgson Mill Spring              Ozark County
 10   Rainbow Spring                   Ozark County
 11   Blue Spring                      Shannon County

   Missouri State Geologists

  9   John A. Gallaher                 1898 - 1900
 10   Leo Gallaher                     Acting June 1900 - Sept. 1901
 11   Ernest R. Buckley                Sept. 1901 - April 1908
 12   Henry A. buehler                 1908 - 1944

   Missouri Wells

  9   Oil and Gas Well
 10   Oil and Gas Wells
 11   Injection Well
 12   Observation Well

   Missouri Fossils

  6   Black Bear Bones                 Ursus americanus
  7   Horse Skull                      Mesohippus
  8   Colonial Coral                   Lithostrotion canadense
  9   Brachiopod                       Strophomenid
 10   Graptolites                      Graptolithina
 11   Horny Coral                      Lithostrotion sp.

   Missouri Geologic Wonders

  5   Skull Rock                       Pickle Springs Natural Area, Ste. Genevieve County
  6   The Gulf                         Mark Twain National Forest, Wayne County
  7   Ball Mill Resurgence             Ball Mill Resurgence Natural Area, Perry County
  8   Earthquake Hollow                Central Missouri

   Missouri Geology

  7   Quaternary Period                (Cenozoic Era - 1.6 million years ago to today)
  8   Tertiary Period                  (Cenozoic Era), 1.6 to 66.4 million years ago
  9   Paleozoic Era                    (570 to 245 Million Years Ago)
 10   Devonian Period                  (408 to 360 million years ago)
 11   Silurian Period                  (438 - 408 Million Years Ago)
 12   Ordovician Period                (505-438 Million Years Ago)

   Missouri Publications

  7   Topographic Map
  8   Generalized Geologic Map
  7   Mineral Resources Map
  8   Earthquake Hazards Map


 --   Third Series Index
 --   Missouri Resource Trading Cards

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