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Missouri Resource Cards - Series No. 4 (GSRAD)
The Missouri River - Lewis and Clark Expedition
   Missouri Department of Natural Resources - 2003
   Geologic Survey and Resource Assessment Division

Notes: The series was produced for the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and the 
Lewis and Clark Expedition. It features the Lewis and Clark route through Missouri, 
relating tales from the voyage and noting then-existing natural features and related 
later history. Thanks to Terry Russell for the list!

Print run: 3000 sets.

No.   Title

  1   Missouri Resource Trading Cards
  2   Acknowledgements
  3   Missouri River Basin
  4   origin of the Missouri River
  5   Ice Age Glaciers Reshape Northern Missouri
  6   Prehistoric Cultures and the Missouri River
  7   Europeans Discover the Missouri River
  8   An Untamed River of Debris
  9   Early Explorers of the Big Rivers
 10   How the Missouri River Got Its Name
 11   A Great City Is Born
 12   The Louisiana Purchase
 13   The Corps of Discovery Expedition Is Born
 14   Meriwether Lewis 1774-1809
 15   William Clark 1770-1838
 16   Preparing for the Great Expedition
 17   Tower Rock
 18   In the Land of Caves
 19   Camp Wood River
 20   Two Great Rivers Join
 21   A Recreational Resource
 22   A Great Expedition is Launched
 23   Keelboats and Pirogues
 24   The Treacherous Missouri River
 25   A Large aCoal Hill
 26   Mapping Their Way West
 27   Venier Compass and Gunter 4-Pole Chain
 28   Hadley Octant and Chronometer
 29   Weldon Spring
 30   Katy Trail State Park
 31   High Bluffs - The Boone Settlement
 32   Tavern Rock Cave
 33   St. Peter Sandstone
 34   Shifting Sand
 35   Changing the Missouri River
 36   Missouri River Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project
 37   Daniel Boone
 38   Whitehouse Cave
 39   Gasconade River
 40   Graham Cave State Park
 41   Clark's Hill / Norton State Historic Site
 42   Osage River
 43   Jefferson City
 44   Sugar Loaf Rock
 45   Manitou
 46   Roche Percee Natural Bridge
 47   Big Manitou Bluffs
 48   Salt
 49   Arrow Rock and Flint
 50   Island Campsites
 51   City of Glasgow
 52   Historic River Bends
 53   Grand River
 54   Sandbars
 55   Fertility and the Missouri River
 56   The Old Fort
 57   Mosquitoes, Boils and Ulcers
 58   Fort Osage
 59   Confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers
 60   Kansas City and the Missouri River
 61   Commodities and Towboats
 62   Missouri River Habitat
 63   Wetland and Riparian Habitat
 64   Weston Bend State Park
 65   Celebrating Independence Day
 66   Oxbow Lakes
 67   Saltpeter
 68   Cliffs of Yellow Clay - Loess
 69   City of St. Joseph
 70   Lewis and Clark Inscription
 71   Big Lake State Park
 72   Indian Cave
 73   McKissick Island
 74   Thalweg, Avulsion, Accretion
 75   McKissick Island Battle
 76   Settling the McKissick Island Dispute
 77   On to the Pacific Ocean and Back
 78   Series No. 4 Index [1-37]
 79   Series No. 4 Index [38-80]
 80   Who We Are and What We Do

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