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Tom Mix and Tony at Bar-Diamond Ranch
(Booklets First Series)
   National Chicle - 1934

Notes: This series is made of 8-page booklets, approximately 2-3/8" x 2-3/4". 
Booklet fronts are in color monochrome in sets of six as shown below. It is 
often considered a single set with cards 25-48 "Tom Mix and Tony on the 
Santa Fe Trail", but 1-24 are marked "A Series". American Card Catalog 
reference, for both the first and second series, is R151. Scans are posted at 
the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

 No.  Front Caption                                Back Title


  1   Tom Mix Hits the Bar Diamond                 Episode 1 - Hitting the Bar-Diamond
  2   Tom Mix Mounts Guard                         Episode 2 - A Shot in the Dark
  3   Tom Mix on the Death Riders Trail            Episode 3 - After the Death Rider
  4   Tom Mix Shoots to Kill                       Episode 4 - Shooting to Kill
  5   Tom Mix Downs the Sidewinder                 Episode 5 - Downing the Sidewinder
  6   Tom Mix Thwarts Killers from the Sky         Episode 6 - Killers from the Sky


  7   Tom Mix at War on the Range                  Episode 7 - Waging War
  8   Tom Mix Saves the Day                        Episode 8 - Saving the Day
  9   Tom Mix Wins His Way                         Episode 9 - Winning his Way
 10   Tom Mix Draws First                          Episode 10 - First on the Draw
 11   Tom Mix to the Rescue                        Episode 11 - To the Rescue
 12   Tom Mix Fights Like a Man                    Episode 12 - Fighting Like a Man


 13   Tom Mix Battles the Flames                   Episode 13 - Battling the Flames
 14   Tom Mix Escapes the Poison Death             Episode 14 - Escaping the Poison Death
 15   Tom Mix Comes Through                        Episode 15 - Coming Through
 16   Tom Mix - His Guns Blaze in the Desert       Episode 16 - Blazing Guns
 17   Tony Gives Tom Mix a Big Day                 Episode 17 - Tony is Again a Hero
 18   Tom Mix Shoots It Out                        Episode 18 - Shooting it Out


 19   Tom Mix Rides against Death                  Episode 19 - Riding Against Death
 20   Tom Mix - Too Tough to Kill                  Episode 20 - Too Tough to Kill
 21   Tom Mix Solves the Riddle of Thunder River   Episode 21 - The Riddle of Thunder River
 22   Tom Mix Deals Death to the Scorpion          Episode 22 - Death to the Scorpion
 23   Tom Mix and Tony Rope an Outlaw              Episode 23 - Roping an Outlaw
 24   Tom Mix Greets Unwelcomed Guests             Episode 24 - Greeting Unwelcome Guests

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