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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The
New Season (Series 3)
  - Hobby Version
  - Retail Version
  - Wal-Mart Version
Collect-a-Card - 1994

Notes:  The base hobby set has no front borders; the retail set has green borders
on the front, with centered rainbow "highlights"; and the Wal-Mart base set has
a rainbow front border with jagged color transitions.  The hobby and retail sets
were accompanied by a parallel foil-border set #1-72, distributed one per pack,
while the Wal-mart boxes' one-per-packs were the Character Cards and Bonus 
Cards (which are considered part of the basic set). Hobby boxes yielded acetate 
Character Cards, and retail boxes yielded White Ranger cards as inserts.  The 
"bonus" cards were inserted one-per pack and bear the Wal-Mart "jagged" 
border design, even for the Retail and Hobby packs; those cards are extremely
common.  Thanks to Steve Carter and Carlos Aranda-Díaz for updates!

WalMart Box: 100 packs of 5 cards + 1 Bonus card + 1 Character foil.
Common sets (72): approx. 6.94 per box if collation were perfect.
Character foil sets (8): approximately 12.50 per box.
Bonus card sets (3): approximately 33.33 per box.

No.    Title

  1    Turban Shell
  2    Winged Warrior
  3    Kongador
  4    Lord Zed
  5    Commander Crayfish
  6    Master of Evil
  7    Claybrain
  8    Piranhatishead
  9    Power Team
 10    Praying Mantis
 11    Broom Ball
 12    Clean Sweep
 13    Friendly Competition
 14    Power Work Out
 15    Goldar
 16    Tommy
 17    Road Race
 18    Genius at Work
 19    Zordon Calling
 20    Trouble In The Park
 21    Beach Break
 22    Double Trouble
 23    Bloom Of Doom
 24    Distracted
 25    Surprise
 26    Break Time
 27    Ernie
 28    Foiled Again
 29    Zack Attack
 30    Map Check
 31    Putty Problem
 32    Cool Under Pressure
 33    Grumble Bee
 34    Power Smash
 35    Pink Power
 36    High Kick
 37    Double Kick
 38    Lord Zed's Castle
 39    Taunted
 40    Spin Kick
 41    Beach Bum
 42    Overgrown Iguana
 43    Teamwork
 44    No Contest
 45    Robogoat
 46    New and Improved
 47    The Invenusable Fly Trap
 48    Saliguana
 49    Lord Zed & Goldar
 50    On Guard
 51    Octopus
 52    Powerful New Zords
 53    The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
 54    Power Blast
 55    Back In The Dumpster
 56    Putty Pitch
 57    Energized
 58    Zordon
 59    Angry Ruler
 60    Anointed
 61    Kimberly
 62    Trini
 63    The Blue Ranger
 64    The Green Ranger
 65    Jason
 66    Squatt
 67    Billy
 68    Zack
 69    Superheros
 70    Tommy
 71    The White Ranger
 72    Checklist - The New Season

Bonus Cards (One per pack)

  1    Rocky The New Red Ranger
  2    Aisha The New Yellow Ranger
  3    Adam The New Black Ranger

Foil-Stamped Character Cards (Wal-Mart, 1 per pack)

AN-1   The Pink Ranger
AN-2   The Yellow Ranger
AN-3   The Red Ranger
AN-4   The Black Ranger
AN-5   The Blue Ranger
AN-6   The White Ranger
AN-7   The Mega-Thunderzord
AN-8   Lord Zed


Acetate Character PlastiCards (Hobby, 1:18 packs)

CS-1   The Pink Ranger
CS-2   The Yellow Ranger
CS-3   The Red Ranger
CS-4   The Black Ranger
CS-5   The Blue Ranger
CS-6   The White Ranger
CS-7   The MegaThunder Zord  [image is actually Red Dragon Zord]
CS-8   Lord Zed

White Ranger Cards (Retail, 1:9 packs)

WR-1   The Green Ranger
WR-2   Green No More
WR-3   The White Ranger
WR-4   Magnificent
WR-5   Surprise
WR-6   Light of Goodness
WR-7   Strong and Fearless
WR-8   Awesome

Case Card (Hobby)

 D2    Tommy, The White Ranger

©2000, 2001, 2002 , 2005Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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