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Cardzillion Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 1
   Bandai - 1994

Notes:  These Bandai North America cards were sold in vending machines,generally at the 
entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets. A basic set includes 36 cards, but note that the rare prismatic 
Ultra chase cards are numbered as if they were part of the regular sequence. Thus, the basic 
set is skip-numbered. This inaugural series features photos and events from the early second 
season; it is different from a "Power Rangers Series 1" series released in 1995. Thanks much 
to Alan Davis and Irv for updates!  Further information and scans are posted at the Green 
Ranger website.

No.   Title                         Subtitle

  1   The 5 Power Rangers           Saviors Of The Earth        (Prism Ultra)
  2   5 Mighty Warriors             Morph On!                   (Prism Ultra)
  3   The 6 Power Rangers           Maximum Morphin Power       (Prism Ultra)
  4   Zordon                        Master of Morphin Power
  5   Alpha 5                       Reliable Robot Assistant
  6   Jason                         Master Of Martial Arts
  7   Jason, The Red Ranger         Warrior Of Justice
  8   The Red Ranger                It's Morphin Time!
  9   Trini                         The Karate Girl
 10   Trini, The Yellow Ranger      Warrior Of Hope
 11   The Yellow Ranger             It's Morphin Time!
 12   Zack                          Hip Hoppin' Hero
 13   Zack, The Black Ranger        Power Warrior
 14   The Black Ranger              It's Morphin Time!
 15   Kimberly                      Acrobatic Angel
 16   Kimberly, The Pink Ranger     Loving Warrior
 17   The Pink Ranger`              It's Morphin Time!
 18   Billy                         Mechanical Whiz-Kid
 19   Billy, The Blue Ranger        Intelligent Warrior
 20   The Blue Ranger               It's Morphin Time!
 21   Tommy                         Wizard Of Martial Arts
 22   Tommy, The Green Ranger       Courageous Warrior
 23   The Green Ranger              It's Morphin Time!
 24   The White Ranger              Brave new Hero              (Prism Ultra)
 25   Bulk and Skull                Undynamic Duo
 26   The Red Dragon Thunderzord    Dual-Mode Action Warrior
 27   The Griffin Thunderzord       Legendary Beast Of Prey
 28   The Lion Thunderzord          King Of Beasts
 29   The Firebird Thunderzord      Mythological Flier
 30   The Unicorn Thunderzord       Fabled One-Horned Horse
 31   The White Tigerzord           Formidable Feline
 32   The Thunder Megazord          5-In-One Fighting Machine   (Prism Ultra)
 33   Lord Zedd                     Emperor of Evil
 34   Lord Zedd                     Emperor of Darkn ess        (Prism Ultra)
 35   Goldar                        Wicked Golden Warrior
 36   Lord Zedd and Goldar          Terrible Twosome
 37   Rita Repulsa                  Empress of Ugliness
 38   Baboo and Squatt              The Goon Squad
 39   The Z Putty Patrol            Clay Soldiers
 40   The Pirahntis Head            Fiendish Fish
 41   The Primator                  Chameleon Gorilla
 42   The Saliguana                 Fire-Breathing Lizard

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