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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Series 2 (Cardzillion)
   Bandai - 1994-1995

Notes:  These cards were sold by Bandai North America in vending machines, often at 
the entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  This set features images predominantly from the 
first season. It is different from another "Power Rangers Series 2" set released in 1996. 
Each set includes 36 base cards and 6 rare "Ultra" cards, which have about the same 
scarcity as the other cards. Complete sets are very hard to collect and verify. Further 
information and scans are posted at the Green Ranger website.

No.   Title                         Subtitle

  1   Jason: Red Ranger             The Red Ranger             (Prism Ultra)
  2   Power Punch                   The Red Ranger
  3   Karate Teacher                The Red Ranger
  4   Martial Arts Expert           The Red Ranger
  5   Morphing Time!                The Red Ranger
  6   Red Ranger                    The Red Ranger
  7   Power Sword                   The Red Ranger
  8   Trini: Yellow Ranger          The Yellow Ranger          (Prism Ultra)
  9   Lightning Kick                The Yellow Ranger 
 10   Generous Friend               The Yellow Ranger 
 11   Doll Collector                The Yellow Ranger 
 12   Morphing Time!                The Yellow Ranger 
 13   Yellow Ranger                 The Yellow Ranger 
 14   Power Daggers                 The Yellow Ranger 
 15   Zack: Black Ranger            The Black Ranger           (Prism Ultra)
 16   Fancy Footwork                The Black Ranger
 17   Let's Dance!                  The Black Ranger
 18   Desktop Shredder              The Black Ranger
 19   Morphing Time!                The Black Ranger
 20   Black Ranger                  The Black Ranger
 21   Power Axe                     The Black Ranger
 22   Kimberly: Pink Ranger         The Pink Ranger            (Prism Ultra)
 23   Light as a Butterfly          The Pink Ranger
 24   Generous Advisor              The Pink Ranger
 25   Dance Virtuoso                The Pink Ranger
 26   Morphing Time!                The Pink Ranger
 27   Pink Ranger                   The Pink Ranger
 28   Power Bow                     The Pink Ranger
 29   Billy: Blue Ranger            The Blue Ranger            (Prism Ultra)
 30   Spin Kick                     The Blue Ranger
 31   Determined White Belt         The Blue Ranger
 32   Amazing Inventor              The Blue Ranger
 33   Morphing Time!                The Blue Ranger
 34   Blue Ranger                   The Blue Ranger
 35   Power Lance                   The Blue Ranger
 36   Tommy: White Ranger           The White Ranger           (Prism Ultra)
 37   Aerial Attack                 The White Ranger 
 38   Puppet Ranger                 The White Ranger 
 39   Peaceful Mind                 The White Ranger 
 40   Morphing Time!                The White Ranger 
 41   White Ranger                  The White Ranger 
 42   Dragon Dagger                 The Green Ranger

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