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Cardzillion Power Rangers Series 2
   Bandai - 1996

Notes:  These Bandai North America cards were sold in vending machines, generally at the 
entrance of Toys 'R Us outlets.  A set includes 36 base cards and 6 rare prismatic cards that are 
skip-numbered within the regular sequence. This series is different from the earlier "Mighty 
Morphin Power Rangers Series 2" released in 1994-1995. Thanks much to Dave Strohmenger 
for the original list! Further information and scans are posted at the Green Ranger website.

No.   Title

 43   Power Teens
 44   Happy Holidays
 45   Mighty Heroes
 46   The Power Rangers
 47   In The Cockpit
 48   Ninja Power!                   (Prism Ultra)
 49   Zeo Rangers                    (Prism Ultra)
 50   Ninja Rangers
 51   Rocky
 52   The Red Ranger
 53   Red Ninja Ranger
 54   Aisha
 55   The Yellow Ranger
 56   Yellow Ninja Ranger
 57   Adam
 58   The Black Ranger
 59   Black Ninja Ranger
 60   Kimberly
 61   Cat Monster
 62   Katherine
 63   The Pink Ranger
 64   Pink Ninja Ranger
 65   Billy
 66   The Blue Ranger
 67   The White Stranger
 68   Tommy
 69   Center Of Attention
 70   White Ninja Ranger
 71   Bulk and Skull
 72   Alien Rangers                  (Prism Ultra)
 73   Ninjor                         (Prism Ultra)
 74   Shogunzords
 75   Battle Borgs
 76   Ninjazords
 77   White Ranger and Falconzord    (Prism Ultra)
 78   Shogun Megazord
 79   Ninja Megafalconzord
 80   Zeo Megazord                   (Prism Ultra)
 81   Master Vile
 82   Rito Revolto
 83   Lord Zedd
 84   Tenga Warrior

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