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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Action Card Game - Holofoil Promo Set
   Bandai - 2013

Notes: These game cards were available at shows and in retail distribution. Character Statistics apply 
to Levels 1 through 6. A thorough list of Power Rangers ACG promos is maintained at the Megaforce
Cast website.

No.      Title                                     Statistics                        Type

San Diego Comic Con 2013

P-183    Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger                100-230-290-Max-380-Max .. 2-2    [Hand]
P-184    Green Mighty Morphin Ranger               190-190-200-210-210-Max .. 1-2    [Win]
P-185    White Mighty Morphin Ranger               210-240-260-280-310-Max .. 2-2    [Played]
P-186    Red Mighty Morphin Ranger                 240-290-400-570-Max-Max .. 3-3    [Win][Lose]
P-187    Dino Megazord                             350-450-600-700-800-Max .. 5-4    [Assist]
P-188    Red Mighty Morphin Ranger                 180-180-200-220-220-Max           [Win]
P-189    Red & Green Mighty Morphin Power Rangers  230-280-350-380-460-Max .. 3-3    [Judgment]

Target Exclusive Packs

P-190    Forever Red Rangers                       Max-300-Max-500-Max-900 .. 4-4    [..]
P-191    Forever Red Rangers                       400-Max-600-Max-700-Max .. 4-4    [..]

Megaforce 3DS Gams

P-194    Megaforce Power Rangers                   400-550-750-750-1100-Max . 6-5    [Megaforce]

New York Comic Con 2013

P-195    Red Mighty Morphin Ranger                 220-240-260-280-300-Max .. 2-2    [Assist]
P-196    Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger                240-300-350-380-430-Max .. 3-3    [Assist]

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