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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  - SuperPacks #1 and #2
Collect-a-Card - 1994/95

Note:  This set was distributed exclusively through Kmart outlets.  Both the SuperPack #1
and SuperPack #2 packs were supposed to include a full "set" of twelve numbered cards,
a foil Blaster card, and four Super Foil Caps.  Alas, as commonly happens, collation was
not perfect; I opened a 24-count box of each set, and found multiple packs that had dupe
cards and were missing other numbers.  The design is very similar to the other Collect-a-
Card 1994 Series 1 set, which no doubt causes great confusion; but these images feature
scenes from the second TV season.

No.   Title                         Type

SuperPack #1

  1   The White Ranger
  2   The Black Ranger
  3   The Yellow Ranger
  4   Lord Zedd
  5   Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  6   Zordon
  7   Bulk
  8   Baboo
  9   Finster
 10   Command Center Inside
 11   Putty Patrol
 12   The Thunder Megazord

B-1   White Tigerzord               Blaster Card
---   Red Ranger                    Super Foil Cap
---   Green Ranger                  Super Foil Cap
---   Yellow Ranger                 Super Foil Cap
---   Alpha 5                       Super Foil Cap

SuperPack #2

 13   The Red Ranger
 14   The Blue Ranger
 15   The Pink Ranger
 16   Rita Repulsa
 17   SuperHeroes
 18   The Green Ranger
 19   Skull
 20   Goldar
 21   Viewing Globe
 22   Command Center Outside
 23   Squatt
 24   The White Tigerzord

B-2   Thunder Megazord              Blaster Card
---   White Ranger                  Super Foil Cap
---   Pink Ranger                   Super Foil Cap
---   Blue Ranger                   Super Foil Cap
---   Black Ranger                  Super Foil Cap

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