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Power Rangers Turbo
Bandai - 1997

Notes: These cards were originally exclusive to  Kmart stores. The spectra-foil 
inserts are skip-numbered, with the base cards covering 50 within the range 1-60.

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (50): approx. 4.96 per box if collation were perfect.
Spectra Foil sets (10): approximately 1 per 2.5 boxes.

No.   Title                         Type

 1    The Best Line of Defense
 2    Turbo R.A.M. Cannon Mode!     Spectra Foil (1:9 packs)
 3    Defenders of the Universe!
 4    Turbo R.A.M. Ready to Roll    Spectra Foil
 5    The Power of Friendship
 6    Red Racer Revs Up!
 7    All Systems Go!
 8    Red Turbo Ranger on Guard
 9    Turbo Lightning Sword, Now!
 10   Tommy Olivr
 11   Blue Racer to the Rescue!
 12   Blue Turbo Ranger in Action
 13   Unbeatable Blue
 14   Turbo Hand Blaster, Fire!
 15   The New Ranger in Blue
 16   Green Racer on the Go
 17   Green Turbo Ranger
 18   Turbo Blade at the Ready
 19   Turbo Thunder Cannon Power!
 20   Adam park
 21   Yellow Racer to the Rescue
 22   Yellow Turbo Ranger
 23   Standing Tough!
 24   Star Power on Patrol
 25   Tanya Sloan
 26   Gearing Up with Pink Racer
 27   Poised for the Attack
 28   Pink Turbo Ranger
 29   Turbo Wind Fire on Target
 30   Katherine Hillard
 31   Turbo R.A.M.
 32   Allies against Evil
 33   ?                             Spectra Foil
 34   Robo Racer - Zord Mode
 35   Robo Racer On Duty            Spectra Foil
 36   Turbo Megazord in Gear!       Spectra Foil
 37   ?                             Spectra Foil
 38   Griller Must Be Stopped!
 39   Elgar: Hideous Henchman
 40   Porto: Seafaring Sycophant
 41   Rygog: Menacing Mutant
 42   A Crew of Creepy Cretins
 43   Danger Erupts!
 44   Two of a King
 45   ?                             Spectra Foil
 46   Lerigot in Captivity
 47   The Master of Malice          Spectra Foil
 48   ?                             Spectra Foil
 49   ?                             Spectra Foil
 50   Bad Guys to the Bone
 51   Foot Soldiers of Evil
 52   Dazed and Confused
 53   Don't Look Behind You!
 54   Tower of Power
 55   A Monstrous Menace
 56   A Giant-Sized Battle
 57   An Old Friend
 58   Shift into Turbo!
 59   On Boart the Ghost Galleon!
 60   Turbo Power Accelerate!

©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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