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Modern Props
   Modern Props - 1992

Notes: Cards, measuring 2-3/4" x 3-1/2", were part of a boxed factory set. The 
set tells the story of "Mo-pro," a major prop house serving Hollywood and 
all fans of nostalgia or technology.

No.   Title                                Mo-Pro Position

 01   Still Modern after All These Years
 02   John Zabrucky                        President
 03   Mark Robinson                        Director of Covert Operations
 04   Michael Ladish                       Vice President
 05   "Steve-O" Ladish                     Director of Techno-Fabrication
 06   Miguel Angel Martinez                Shipping/Receiving Supervisor
 07   Bruce Giddens                        Tehcno-Fabrication Supervisor
 08   Carlos Chavarin                      Techno-Fabricator
 09   Miguel Martinez Sr.                  Inventory Maintenance Person
 10   David Ladish                         Rental Operations Supervisor
 11   Wieslaw Finc                         Director of Refreshments
 12   Rafael Gonzalez                      Techno-Fabricator
 13   John Kean                            Rental Operations Agent
 14   Kristen Cunningham                   Contemporary Accounting Person
 15   Joel Soto                            Inventory Maintenance Supervisor
 16   Enrique Estrella                     Shipping/Receiving Crewmember
 17   Pedro Soto                           Techno-Resurfacing Expert
 18   Timothy Frazier                      Electro-Tech Fabricator
 19   David Webb Jr.                       Techno-Fabricator
 20   Oscar Vera                           Shipping/Receiving Crewmember
 21   Benjamin Hernandez                   Inventory Maintenance Person
 22   Randy Franks                         Modern Living Outpost Manager
 23   Brygida Finc                         Industrial Task Seamstress
 24   Alejandro Perez                      Techno-Fabricator
 25   Diana White                          Administrative Secretary
 26   Ken Sharp                            Rental Operations Agent
 27   Diane Kami                           Administrative Assistant
 28   Melanie Star                         Rental Operations Agent
 29   Tamara Mickanin                      Frontline Receptionist
 30   Joerg Gertsch                        Modern Living Outpost Staff

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