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Monster Choke n Gag Series 3
   RRParks Cards - 2016

Notes: This is a "mini/midgee" set with two numbers per card, with the full card  measuring 
2-1/2" x 3-1/2" and three cards printed on the box folder. Numbering  continues from Series 2. 
It was issued during a Halloween 2016 Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to John Biagioni for 
assistance! Further information and  scans are posted at the RRParks website.

    No.   Front Caption

     58   "Arrghk! Your breath stinks!"... "So? aren't apes
     69   OHHhhh, I know you didn't just ask me if it was "t
     62   No, I ain't mad sugar... I just done saw a mosquit

     59   Yes, Murray. It's great you quit smoking but you'v
     72   "Here's to a beautiful couple!" "Hah! What couple?
     68   Don't make that face... She only needs to move in

     63   Bev, while you're on the phone to Mom tell her to
     55   Daddy, stop checking up on me to make sure I'm saf
     75   Okay but this is the very last time I play 'Pull M

     64   I'm sorry you're covered in fleas now but I did te
     56   Of course I can get you a part in my movie... Ever
     57   I'm not complaining your ring turned my finger gre

     65   Whew! It's open now! Next time you do that in the
     73   We've ruled out the gardener... That's a $10 trowe
     61   I'm gonna ask you one..last.. time ... Dis my pack

     70   Harold you lied! That's more than just a little ca
     66   "Well it won't be long now" "Yea... That's what sh
     60   Just one minute alone is all I ask... Honey, when

     71   "I need some flowers for my wife's grave" "Oh, I'm
     67   Honeybunch it's better if I lead... You're dead on
     74   Is that your coccyx or are you just happy to see m

     76   Sorry I had to slug huy... But my name ius Nochola [Series Three Checklist]

     --   Monster Choke 'N Gag Third Series [wrapper]

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©2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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