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Mondo Suburbia
Starhead/Teat Horn - 1990

Notes:  Distributed as a complete factory set, with backs of cards by Jim
Blanchard, Michael Dowers, and Bar-Delta; edited and assembled by Michael
Dowers and Jim Blanchard.

No.   Title                                Artist

  1   The All-American                     Dennis Worden
  2   At the Public Pool                   Rick Geary
  3   Burn, Baby, Burn!                    Danny Hellman
  4   Yard Sale Junkie                     R.L. Crabb
  5   Shop Till You Drop!                  Mitch O'Connell
  6   Mother's Little Helper               Daniel Clowes
  7   Paper Boy from Hell                  Mary Fleener
  8   The Glory of Golf                    John Holmstrom
  9   Oh Thank Heaven!                     Wayno
 10   Suburban Tension                     Carel Moisewitsch
 11   Sirens of Arcadia                    Jim Seirgey
 12   The Christmas Spirit                 Jim Woodring
 13   The Lawn Nazi                        Roberta Gregory
 14   Garbage Strike!                      Roy Tompkins
 15   T.V.O.D.                             Robt. Armstrong
 16   The Problem Child                    Peter Bagge
 17   The New Neighbors                    The Pizz
 18   The Mall Rat                         T. Motley
 19   The Lead Sled                        Mark Zingarelli
 20   Lawn Dart Tragedy!                   XNO
 21   The Glory of God                     Spain
 22   Beware of the Dog                    J.D. King
 23   Our National Pastime                 J.R. Williams
 24   The Final Solution                   R.K. Sloane
 --   Mondo Suburbia!  [Checklist]         (uncredited)
 --   Mondo Suburbia  [Product Spotlight]  (uncredited)

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