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Monsters, Inc. Album Stickers
Panini - 2001

Notes:  Lettered foil stickers are equally common as the numbered stickers, and 
should be considered part of the basic set. Thanks much to Darrell Warner for 
the update!

Box: 50 packs of 5 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 1.26 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene                                   Portion

 1    Toys on the shelf in the dark
 2    Kid in bed, with skateboard
 3    Back of head watches door
 4    Sinister robe through closet door
 5    Kid wakes
 6    Monster looms
 7    Rack of teeth
 8    Floor Manager at controls               (left)
 9    Floor Manager at controls               (right)
10    Kid asleep                              (left)
11    Four-armed monster                      (right)
12    Henry J Waternoose
13    Four-armed monster scared
14    3 monsters reporting for duty           (left)
15    3 monsters reporting for duty           (middle)
16    3 monsters reporting for duty           (right)
17    Sully's teeth
18    Sully's eyes
19    Sully's mouth
20    Happy Sully
21    ?
22    Sully and Waternoose                    (left)
23    Sully and Waternoose                    (right)
24    Sully scares for Waternoose
25    Smitty and monster with braces
26    Sully fills his checklist
27    Mike and Sully in locker room
28    Sully starts a scare for Mike           (left)
29    Sully starts a scare for Mike           (right)
30    Sully teams with Mike
31    4-armed goggled scare
32    Mike and Sully with car
33    Gathering gourds
34    To Scarefloors                          (left)
35    To Scarefloors                          (middle)
36    To Scarefloors                          (right)
37    arer of the Month
38    Sully and Mike with hard-hat monsters
39    Mike (portrait)
40    Boo (portrait)
41    Sully and Mike with lunchboxes
42    Sully, Mike, Boo, and Randall           (top)
43    Sully, Mike, Boo, and Randall           (bottom)
44    Caution sign
45    Sully and Mike: Howdy
46    Boo
47    Sully                                   (top)
48    Mike and Boo                            (bottom)
49    Sullivan (oval)
50    Mike (canister)
51    Sully, Boo, and Mike
52    Purple with headphones
53    Mike walks the shop floor
54    Sully and monster crowd go on shift     (left)
55    Sully and monster crowd go on shift     (right)
56    Monsters at their stations
57    Brushing big-mouth
58    Inserting teeth for blue monster
59    Purple with 16 eyes
60    Preparing spiked monster
61    Big blue biceps
62    Pink torso, small yellow, blue
63    Mike punches in
64    Moleman with scream collector
65    Mike successful
66    Gherkin at work
67    Look ma, no Mike hands
68    Celia sees Mike
69    Mike saves Roz
70    Mike complains to Celia
71    Roz
72    Mike grinning
73    Two headed purple snake
74    Randall
75    Randall and Mike/Sully                  (left)
76    Randall and Mike/Sully                  (right)
77    Randall, Mike, and Sully concerned      (left)
78    Randall, Mike, and Sully concerned      (right)
79    Mike pointing for Sully
80    Sully examines instrument
81    Preparing for the door
82    Approaching the door
83    Entering access code
84    Pressing the button
85    Sully peeks into room
86    Bed in the dark
87    Making Sullivan faces
88    Boo looks up at Sully
89    Boo (portrait)
90    Boo grabs Sully's tail
91    Sully is scared
92    Sully clamps Boo
93    Sully frightened
94    Sully carries Boo to door
95    Sully as a fish mobile
96    Randall peeks in
97    Rack of scream collector canisters
98    More canisters to the door
99    Sully and the duck train
100   Sully offers a fright
101   Sully handles bath toys
102   Sully hides stuff in locker
103   Sully closes locker
104   Boo climbs Sully's back
105   Sully waves to Boo                      (left)
106   Sully waves to Boo                      (right)
107   Cartoon Boo in monster suit
108   Cartoon Mike with clipboard
109   Cartoon Sully holds Mike
110   Eye logo
111   Cartoon Sully with Boo behind
112   Cartoon Boo pulls Sully's tail
113   Cartoon Sully
114   Cartoon Sully and Boo waves
115   Cartoon Boo
116   Cartoon Mike
117   Cartoon Mike and Sully
118   Cartoon Boo waves
119   Cartoon Sully's backside
120   Monster break room                      (left)
121   Monster break room                      (center)
122   Monster break room                      (right)
123   Sully trips in lunchroom
124   ?
125   Pod and pink monsters
126   Boo invades factory
127   Bigmouth with orange forelegs
128   Samurai octopus
129   Kid Sighting at Sushi Bar
130   Mike and Sully troubled
131   Boo corners Sully at lockers
132   Boo reasons with Sully
133   Sully with empty satchel
134   Boo looks into hard hat
135   Boo dons hard hat
136   Sully raises satchel
137   Sully's hand at knob
138   Sully puzzled by satchel
139   Randall at canisters                    (left)
140   Sully cringes                           (right)
141   Randall silhouette
142   Sully scared with Mike
143   Boo in plush chair
144   Boo rejoices over book
145   Sully reaches for doll                  (left)
146   Sully reaches for doll                  (right)
147   Sully raises port cover
148   Sully shields himself
149   Boo's fun with shielded Sully
150   Mike cuddles teddy
151   Boo crayons with candles
152   Mike and Sully peek out
153   Boo's drawing of Sully
154   Boo's drawing of Randall
155   Boo peers over bedcovers
156   Sully listens at door
157   Yellow suits in assembly area           (left)
158   Yellow suits in assembly area           (right)
159   Security shows satchel to Waternoose
160   Disguised Boo scares Waternoose
161   Waternoose makes a plan
162   Sully and Mike peer around lockers
163   Sully scared in locker room
164   ?
165   Mike at table grinning
166   Chewed out by Roz
167   Randall grumbles
168   Mike and Sully hide Boo
169   Randall confronts Mike
170   Hiding under the table
171   Boo approaches the trash
172   Trash collection
173   Mike points to door
174   Mike, Sully, and Boo
175   Logo triangle
176   Cartoon Boo dancing
177   Cartoon Boo
178   Cartoon Mike, Boo, and Sully
179   Cartoon threesome
180   Cartoon trio peers through door

Foil Stickers

 A    Sullivan as art
 B    Randall as art
 C    Eyestalk monster as art
 D    Security monster with detector
 E    Security monster four arms
 F    Boo as art
 G    Red monster as art
 H    Green four-eye smiley monster
 I    Red monster with short legs
 J    Mike as art
 K    Cyan monster as art
 L    Purple monster as art
 M    Green monster with ears
 N    Red monster with spiked hair
 O    Red monster with paddle ear and arm
 P    Blue monster with eyestalks
 Q    Orange spherical monster
 R    Purple 3-eyed blob

--    Sticker Album (sold separately)

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©2007, 2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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