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The Monkees Flip Books
   Raybert Prod. - 1967

Notes: These "books" can be flipped to show an action sequence, from either the 
front or the back. Thanks to Darrell Warner for the list material! American Card 
Catalog reference is R711-25. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title

  1   Pie-Eyed Monkee
  2   Four Big Wheels
  3   Singing Cyclists
  4   Monkeying on a Motor-Bike
  5   Geared for Action
  6   The Swinger
  7   Skateboard to Clarkesville
  8   Monkee Matador
  9   On Stage
 10   Beauties and the Beast
 11   Feather-Weight Champ
 12   The Monkee Salute
 13   The Big Build-Up
 14   Davy's Workout
 15   The Big Headache
 16   Monkey-Shines

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