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The Monkees - "Series A"
    Donruss - 1966
    Scanlens - 1966

Notes:  Card fronts show color photos and card backs have puzzle pieces for a color 
poster. Donruss used the same boxes it had used for the earlier "Sepia" set, but with 
a sticker attached announcing "2nd Series featuring color photos." Thanks much to 
Sean Wright for the checklist! American Card Catalog reference is R818-11A. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

    No.    Title

     1A    Mike Nesmith
     2A    Group in red car
     3A    Group photo
     4A    Mike Nesmith
     5A    Red hot rod
     6A    Peter Tork
     7A    Red hot rod
     8A    Peter Tork
     9A    Micky Dolenz
    10A    Group Photo (seated)
    11A    Peter Tork (as chef)
    12A    Davy Jones (horse driver)
    13A    Group photo (on steps)
    14A    Group Photo (on trailer)
    15A    Group photo (Chinese background)
    16A    Mike Nesmith (as waiter)
    17A    Group seated in Director's chairs
    18A    Micky Dolenz
    19A    Peter Tork taking a photo
    20A    Micky Dolenz on uni-cycle
    21A    Micky & Davy on farm
    22A    Davy Jones
    23A    Group standing by convertible
    24A    Peter Tork
    25A    Group (by newstand)
    26A    Heads shot (all smiling)
    27A    Peter Tork
    28A    Peter Tork
    29A    Peter Tork
    30A    Peter (as policeman) & Davy
    31A    Group (casual)
    32A    Group (kicking bucket on farm)
    33A    Mike Nesmith
    34A    Davy Jones (with rifle)
    35A    Mike, Micky & Peter
    36A    Mike Nesmith
    37A    Davy & Peter
    38A    Micky Dolenz
    39A    Mike & Peter (at dinner table)
    40A    Davy Jones (in suit)
    41A    Group (listening to Davy)
    42A    Group (against blue sky)
    43A    Mike Nesmith (with girl doll)
    44A    Mike Nesmith & Davy Jones

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