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The Monkees - Series B
   Donruss - 1967

Notes: Card fronts show color photos with a yellow border, without individual 
titles. Card backs have puzzle pieces for a color poster and Monkee question and 
answers. Boxes had a sticker defining the set as "3rd Series."  Thanks much to 
Corie Coleman for the list! American Card Catalog reference is R818-11B. Scans 
are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Description

 1B   Group (running)
 2B   Davy Jones (on carousel)
 3B   Group (on fire escape)
 4B   Peter Tork (with magazine)
 5B   Group (sheet music)
 6B   Davy Jones (head shot)
 7B   Group
 8B   Mickey and Davy
 9B   Mike Nesmith (front desk)
10B   Mike Nesmith
11B   Mickey Dolenz (with racket)
12B   Red Hot Rod (front)
13B   Peter and Mickey
14B   Group (checked shirts)
15B   Mike Nesmith (in carriage)
16B   Group (leaning on car)
17B   Group (with instruments)
18B   Mike Nesmith (riding a bike)
19B   Peter Tork sitting
20B   Group (checked shirts)
21B   Davy, Peter and Mike
22B   Red Hot Rod
23B   Peter Tork (selling peanuts)
24B   Group (standing)
25B   Group (as firemen)
26B   Davy, Mike, Mickey (sheet music)
27B   Davy Jones (with rifle)
28B   Mike Nesmith    
29B   Group (on fire escape)
30B   Mickey Dolenz (with broom)    
31B   Group (with rabbits)
32B   Group (standing)
33B   Group (lying down)
34B   Group (with clouds)
35B   Davy Jones (with cop)
36B   Mike, Mickey and Davy    
37B   Mickey, Davy and Peter
38B   Group (on stage)
39B   Group (pillars)
40B   Horse drawn carriage
41B   Red Hot Rod (empty)
42B   Group (on stage)
43B   Group (in suits)    
44B   Group (view from ground up)

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