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Monster Laffs Cards
   Topps - 1966

Note:  All card backs printed with ©American International Pictures, Inc. Pictures are
all presumably from AIP films, due to the copyright AIP on the backs. This series is 
different from the 153-card "midgee" series produced by Topps in 1963, and is thought 
to have been released in cellophane packs intended for Halloween baskets, because no 
retail packs or boxes have been observed. Thanks much to Greg Krieger for providing 
the checklist and commentary, and to William James for the update!

No.   Movie Pictured                           Front Caption

  1   (unidentified; gorilla with girl)        I Have Lousy Luck With Blind Dates.
  2   The Red Planet Mars                      He's Too Skinny For Our Outfit.
  3   The She Creature                         You Should See Me When I'm Angry.
  4   War of the Colossal Beast                Where's My Mickey Mouse T Shirt?
  5   War of the Colossal Beast                Boy These Buses Really Fly.
  6   Reptilicus                               What A Spooky Town.
  7   Invasion of the Saucer Men               Whose The Brains Of This Outfit?
  8   War of the Colossal Beast                Mommy, I Had A Nightmare.
  9   (unknown)                                How Did I Know It Was Poison Ivy?
 10   The She Creature                         Why Can't I Enter The Beauty Contest?
 11   (unknown)                                I Got Something In My Eye.
 12   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             You're A Pretty Sloppy Shaver.
 13   (unidentified; gorilla with girl)        You Got A Cavity In That Molar.
 14   Konga                                    I'll Crash This Party.
 15   Attack of the Puppet People              That New Dog Food Is Fantastic.
 16   The Screaming Skull                      He Winked At Me.
 17   The Red Planet Mars                      Dig This Crazy Vegetable Garden.
 18   Konga                                    Gosh, It's Past My Bedtime!
 19   The Day The World Ended                  He Was My Friend.
 20   I Was A Teenage Werewolf                 My Ice Cream Melted.
 21   The She Creature                         Please Show Me To My Room.
 22   The She Creature                         My Tummy Feels Empty.
 23   Invasion of the Saucer Men               Why Don't We Ever Have Dates?
 24   The Red Planet Mars                      Smile, You're On Candid Camera.
 25   War of the Colossal Beast                I'm A Restless Sleeper.
 26   The Amazing Colossal Man                 Now You're As Good As New.
 27   Tales of Terror                          I'm Just Falling Apart.
 28   (unidentified)                           It's Great For Watching Parades.
 29   (unidentified)                           Shake Hands Like A Man.
 30   Reptilicus                               Flying Is The Modern Way To Travel.
 31   (unidentified)                           Break My Dishes, Will You?
 32   Invasion of the Saucer Men               It's A Swell Car, Let's Eat It.
 33   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             Hey, You're My Girlfriend!!
 34   The Screaming Skull                      Smile, You're On Candid Camera.
 35   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             Let's Play Charades.
 36   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             Okay, You Can Borrow The Car.
 37   (unidentified)                           Nice Puppy!
 38   (unidentified)                           Want The Name Of My Hairdresser?
 39   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             Sh! Someone's At The Door.
 40   (unidentified)                           Let's Be Friends.
 41   (unidentified)                           Can I Get A Manicure.
 42   (unidentified)                           I Lose My Head At Parties.
 43   The Astounding She Monster               Call Me If There's A Full Moon.
 44   Konga                                    The Pet Shop Made A Mistake.
 45   Reptilicus                               When A Dragon Hiccups It Really Burns.
 46   (unidentified)                           Mother Please, I'd Rather Do It Myself.
 47   Konga                                    Oops, I Forgot The Marshmallows.
 48   (unidentified; same monster as card 31)  Where's My Tom Tom?
 49   (unidentified)                           I'm Keeping My Eye On You.
 50   (unidentified)                           I Lost My Razor.
 51   Konga                                    Yoo Hoo, Guess Who's Here!
 52   Invasion of the Saucer Men               I Told You We Were Low On Gas.
 53   (unidentified)                           I Fished Her Out Of My Glass Of Water.
 54   Konga                                    The Garbage Men Must Be On Strike.
 55   Invasion of the Saucer Men               What Are You Staring At?
 56   Konga                                    Hey Watch Those Firecrackers!
 57   I Was A Teenage Frankenstein             Life Of The Party, Every Halloween.
 58   The Red Planet Mars                      Just Ignore Him And He'll Leave.
 59   War of the Colossal Beast                What A Silly Way To Dry Spaghetti.
 60   (unidentified)                           He Looks Comfortable.
 61   Reptilicus                               Got A 25 Room Apartment For Me?
 62   War of the Colossal Beast                Ma, Can I Have A Drink Of Water.
 63   The She Creature                         Wake Up, You're Dreaming.
 64   Invasion of the Saucer Men               When We Get A Head Ache, It's A Beauty!!
 65   The She Creature                         This Beach Used To Be So Crowded.
 66   (unidentified)                           No More Piggy Back Rides.

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