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Monogram Models
Monogram - 1970

Notes: Monogram placed two collector cards in each package of selected 1/24-scale models. 
Of the 23 models, 22 are designed by Tom Daniel. Cards are not numbered, so the Kit number 
is shown instead. Some kits had earlier or later editions, but it looks like most of these with 
the card inserts were produced in 1970. Many of the cards were stapled to the original 
packaging, and this tends to reduce their value. Thanks much to Andrew Holderness for the 

    No.        Title              Description

Kit No. 6736   Beer Wagon         Mod Suds Hauler
Kit No. 6737   T'rantula          Wild Rail-Dragster
Kit No. 6738   Pie Wagon          Pie-Haulin' Show Rod
Kit No. 6740   Red Baron          Krazy Kustom Kar
Kit No. 6741   Paddy Wagon        It's a Riot
Kit No. 6743   Tijuana Taxi       Eet Ees Onreal
Kit No. 6745   Rommel's Rod       Krazy Kommand Car
Kit No. 6746   Dragon Wagon       It's a Fire Breather
Kit No. 6747   Badman             '55 Chevy Funny Car
Kit No. 6748   Sand Crab          Sandsational Dune Buster
Kit No. 6749   Li'l Coffin        Dig this Wild Deuce
Kit No. 6752   Street Fighter     Z/28 Powered Super-Car Killer
Kit No. 6754   Son Of Ford        Dynamic '32 Roadster
Kit No. 6755   Boss "A" Bone      '29 Ford Pick-Up
Kit No. 6756   Sweetee            Model "T" Street and Show Rod
Kit No. 6757   Ice T              It's Super Cool
Kit No. 6759   BAJA Bandito       It's Outrageous
Kit No. 6761   Cherry Bomb        It's a Blast
Kit No. 6781   S'cool Bus         Mean, outa-sight Drag Machine
Kit No. 6783   Thunder Bug        Mod "VW" Lightnin' Rod
Kit No. 6784   Dune Rat           Snap Draggin Dune Buggy
Kit No. 6785   Screamin' Vette    Muscle Man of the Drag Strip
Kit No. 6786   Boss Mustang       Dig this mod speed-steed

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