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Monster Cards
   NuCards (?) - 1961

Notes: No manufacturer is shown, but the set is commonly thought to have been 
a prototype for the NuCards Horror Monsters set,  but is often attributed to 
Rosan Printing. Cards have darkish blue fronts (including images) and monster-
joke backs. Among collectors the set may be referred to as "Blue Monster" cards.

No.   Caption

  1   Now Where Was I?
  2   Curse of the Faceless Man
  3   Gets Me Right Here
  4   Bride and the Beast
  5   Gramma Will Get YOu a Cookie--
  6   Somebody Done This
  7   Angry Red Planet
  8   Invasion of Saucermen
  9   The Golem
 10   Haunted Stranger
 11   Look Ma--No Feet
 12   I Smoke Filter Tips
 13   Who's a Garbagehead?
 14   The Mysterians
 15   You're Cute Too
 16   You're Not My Mommy
 17   Curse of the Mummy
 18   Like Man I'm Tired
 19   Fiend without a Face
 20   Speak Up, Boy!
 21   Mad Soul
 22   Hunchback of Notre Dame
 23   Here Kitty Kitty!
 24   Phantom of the Opera
 25   Hideous Sun Demon
 26   It's Only the Avon Lady!
 27   Jack the Ripper
 28   Look, Pa--No Cavities
 29   The Savage Eye
 30   Really, Old Chap--
 31   I Hate Milk
 32   The Deadly Mantis
 33   Brain from Planet Arous
 34   Don't You Dare Touch Me!!
 35   13 Ghosts
 36   The Mutant
 37   Rodan
 38   From Tarantula
 39   House of Max
 40   The Tingler
 41   Find It Fast In the Yellow Pages
 42   I'm Starved
 43   Queen of Outer Space
 44   Wanna Rassle?
 45   Guess Who's Winning?
 46   The Blob
 47   Hold Still, Now.
 48   You Ain't So Cute Either!
 49   Cool It, Man--
 50   You've Got Bad Breath
 51   Monster from Outer Space
 52   Squares Dancing
 53   Attack of the Green Leeches
 54   I Like Kids (well done)
 55   House of Haunted Hill
 56   Sinbad the Sailor
 57   I Need Vitamins
 58   Too Much Pizza, Mom!
 59   Fly Now--Pay Later
 60   I'm going Batty !!
 61   Meanwhile, Back at the Swamp
 62   Monster from Green Hell
 63   I'm Getting Sick!
 64   "Cheese"
 65   Strange Earthling
 66   You're My Boy
 67   The Electronic Monster
 68   I'll Carve the Turkey
 69   Terror from the Year 5000
 70   Dig That Crazy Grasshopper!!!
 71   Where's That DDT?
 72   Do I Know You?
 73   That's One Way to Get Ahead
 74   Return of the Vampire
 75   Monster on the Campus
 76   Shall We Dance?
 77   I Smoke Marijuana
 78   Satan Satellites
 79   The Undead
 80   From Hell It Came
 81   Blood of Dracula
 82   Will It Hurt, Doc?
 83   Aw, Let's Be Friends
 84   Sure Beats Stamp Collecting

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