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Monster Flip Movies
   Topps - 1963

Note: Each pack contains 2 flip books of 30 pages of 2-3/8" x 2-1/2", attached 
by perforation. American Card Catalog reference is R708-14. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

Pack: 2 flip books + gum.

No.   Title

  1   Death Struggle
  2   Futile Battle
  3   The Mummy Awakens
  4   The Creature Emerges
  5   The Mummy's Wrath
  6   No Escape
  7   Charging the Brute
  8   Attack by Fire
  9   Frankenstein Attacks
 10   The Wolfman Strikes
 11   Fight to the Finish
 12   Kidnapped by Frankenstein
 13   Hurled into the Pool
 14   Electric Shock
 15   Captured by the Creature
 16   Struggle Under the Water
 17   Frankenstein Takes a Bride
 18   Fiend of the Forest
 19   Underwater Combat
 20   The Wolfman Goes Berserk
 21   Frankenstein's Fight
 22   Dath of the Wolfman
 23   Here Comes Frankenstein
 24   The Wolfman Fights Frankenstein
 25   The Club of Frankenstein
 26   Frankenstein on the Alert
 27   Night Attack
 28   Frankenstein Goes Wild
 29   Anger of the Wolfman
 30   Frankenstein in Hiding
 31   The Mummy's Master
 32   Frankenstein Cries Out
 33   Rage of the Creature
 34   Stalking New Prey
 35   Undersea Menace
 36   The Creature's Captive

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