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Monster Magic Action Trading Cards
   Abby Finishing Corp - 1964(?)

Notes:  These early lenticular cards were issued in 8-card vending packs with a lens 
Viewer, with either blank backs or advertising text. There are no titles or numbers; 
The list gives descriptions. Thanks to Bob Pitt for the update!


    Dinosaur menacing humans
    Aliens in space suits destroy train
    Flying dragon carrying skulls
    Stegasaurus and ape in surf before volcano
    Small boat lassos sea monster at Golden Gate
    Three-eyed monster flying over city
    Giant insect sprays death rays from eyes
    Giant golem topples house
    Underwater serpent meets man in diving suit
    Sea serpent rises from water near shark fin
    Red monster (in cave?) zaps human attacker
    Green monster burns tree with beams from eyes
    Giant blue monsters attack farmhouse
    Diver grabs tentacke of squid-like creature
    Cute green monster defends self on red soil
    Blue/crystal dragon rises from surf
    Giant suited alien shoots mouth-ray at man and tree
    Kong-like creature approaches globe
    Red bug-eyed creature raises clouds over city
    Skinny red sea serpent attacks human in helmet
    Purple sea cyclops shoots beams from eye
    Alien Kong-like creature dangles man by foot
    Blue sea monster shoots eye-beams before volcano
    Red chubby monster sends single eye-beams

    (lens viewer)

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