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Monsters & Maniacs
   Monsterwax - 2014

Notes: The series really has two themes: a storyline about the Blacksand Breakout 
following "Top Secret" government experiments, and a celebration of monster art 
and images from the Terror of Tallahassee annual haunted-house feature. Thanks to 
John Biagioni for assistance! Further information and scans are posted at the 
Monsterwax website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets (44): approx. 2.32 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.   Title                              Artist              Season

      1   The Worst of the Worst
      2   The Prophet
      3   Unauthorized Experiments
      4   Unexpected Results
      5   Join the Party
      6   Let My People Go!
      7   Evening the Odds
      8   Pandora's Box
      9   Using the Tools at Hand
     10   Alex Rheems
     11   Jeff Simms
     12   Horace, the Hickyman
     13   Role Reversals
     14   The Gang of Thirty-Three
     15   The Aftermath
     16   On The Run
     17   New Management
     18   A Turn-key Operation
     19   Gizmo
     20   The Few, The Proud, The Insane
     21   A Fate Worse Than Death
     22   Serving God and Country
     23   Son of Satan
     24   Mad Matt
     25   The Demon Angel
     26   Deadly Dora
     27   Li'l Jimmy
     28   Dead Elvis
     29   The Black Widow
     30   Wild Eyed Zack
     31   The Living, Dead, & In Betwixt
     32   The Undertaker
     33   The Twins
     34   Double the Pleasure
     35   The Queen of Death
     36   Losing It
     37   Pig Man
     38   Fat Tim
     39   Stumpy
     40   The Natural
     41   The Man Behind the Mask
     42   Sinus
     43   Opposites Attract
     44   The Found Remains


Hideous Heads Cards (1:pack)

       Card-front artwork is by Mark Thomas. Card backs are stamped with "Criminal Evidence:
       Do Not Destroy - People v. Mark Thomas - Case No. 85-6964 Exhibit:" and the Card Letter.

     A    Hideous Heads [Blue Man]
     B    [Carter]
     C    [Rex]
     D    [Eyevan]
     E    [Roots]
     F    [Manson]
     G    [Cyclops]
     H    [Polio]
     I    [Angus]
     J    [Big Red]
     K    [Octogon]
     L    [Fly Face]
     M    [Frosty]
     N    [Appendix]
     O    [Venus]
     P    [Bayford]
     Q    [Kage]
     R    [Reeko]
     S    [Simon]
     T    [Phoenix]
     U    [Craag]
     V    [Polydissect]
     W    [Fang]
     X    [Gorge]

Frightening Foils Cards (9:24 packs)

    F1    House on the Hill                  Bill Fogg           Season 2000
    F2    Menaced by Maniacs                 Bill Fogg           Season 2001
    F3    Reaching From the Grave            Ricardo Garijo      Season 2003
    F4    Time to Die                        Scott Jackson       Season 2005
    F5    The Death Mask                     David King          Season 2006
    F6    Grave Matters                      Ricardo Garijo      Season 2007
    F7    The Listening Dead                 Finlay              Season 2009
    F8    The Blood Thirst                   Shawn Conn          Season 2009
    F9    Run For Your Life!                 Chrissy Spallone    Season 2012

Real Relics (1:8 packs)

    R1    The Vortex                         Shawn Conn
    R2    The Picture Room                   Shawn Conn
    R3    Hallucination Hangar               Shawn Conn

Checklists (1:12 packs)

    CA    Checklist A
    CB    Checklist B

Credit Card (1:24 packs)

    --    Credit Card

Printing Plate Cards (1 or extra promo:24 packs)

    --    Monsterwax Metal Card [44 x cyan,magenta,yellow,black]

Original Art Cards (1:24 packs)

    --    Chris Wolverton
    --    Christopher West
    --    Chuck the Hun
    --    Clinton Yeager
    --    Jason Brower
    --    Matt Stewart
    --    Neil Camera
    --    Shawn Conn
    --    Shawn Robertson
    --    Steven Burch
    --    Terry Pavlet

Irregular Items (Box-toppers, inside and outside box)

    --    Fingerprint Card: Mark Thomas  [8" x 5-3/16"; different impressions]

    --    Crime Evidence [Envelope, 3-1/2" x 6-1/2"]
          -- Foreign Hair Strand
          -- Finger Nail Clipping
          -- [snake skin]

    --    Secret Memo (2 different)
          -- Science Council Conclusions and Recommendations regarding the Blacksand Breakout. [Page 1]
          -- [Page 2]

    --    Terror of Tallahassee Flyer
          -- [crystal eyes; 3-7/8" x 5-15/16"]
          -- X101.5 [green brow]
          -- Open 8 PM & Beyond
          -- Mystery Playhouse Presents      Ricardo Garijo
          -- [sticky forehead]

    --    Terror of Tallahassee Poster (11" x 8-1/2")
          -- It's Time To Be Afraid
          -- [crystal eyes]

PROMO CARDS (1:24 packs and promo distribution)

Promo 1   (grinning skull; Philly Non-Sports Card Show Oct. 2014)
Promo 2   (straightjacket; Non-Sport Update Oct. 2014)           Shawn Conn
Promo 3   (purple/green drool; Non-Sport Update Oct. 2014)       Shawn Conn
Promo 4   (red dress;                    Shawn Conn

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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