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Monsters & Mysteries of the Planet Earth
Contact Press - 1993

Note:  Originally distributed as a factory set. The "titles" were shown only on
the checklist card, not on the individual cards.

No.   (Title)                Card Text

  1   Human Pin Cushin       From Southern India a Tamil chants Hindu prayers whil
  2   Human Multilation      In India, Sadus and Fakirs are considered holy men to
  3   Iron Pillar            This ancient iron pillar is located outside of New De
  4   Maori Warrior          One of the most shocking forms of human tattooing was
  5   Shrunken Head          Among the Jivaro Indians of Eastern Ecuador, South Am
  6   Nazca Lines            In the Peruvian foothills of the Andes Mountains in S
  7   Nazca Lines            The Nazca Lines are obscure from the ground, but they
  8   Ancient Airplane       This gold artifact from a pre-Incan Columbian tomb in
  9   Quartz Beads           These quartz beads were discovered on a Peruvian mumm
 10   Crystal Skull          This crystal skull has been dated back as far as 2000
 11   Alien Figurine         This is a photograph of one of many strange space-sui
 12   Alien Rock Carvings    All over the Planet Earth there are ancient rock carv
 13   Crop Circles           One of the most recent puzzling mysteries of the Plan
 14   Cerne Giant            This carving of the 180 foot tall Cerne Giant is loca
 15   Egyptian Sea Monster   In January, 1950, after a three day gale in the Gulf
 16   Sea Monster Carcass    In 1977 out on the high seas of the Pacific ocean, th
 17   "Champ"                Lake Champlain is a 109 mile long waterway located in
 18   Loch Ness Monster      Loch Ness is in the Scottish highlands of Great Brita
 19   Tollund Man            In England and other parts of Europe over the last ce
 20   Tollund Man (Head)     This is a closeup of the tollund Man's head. He is we
 21   Bigfoot                From the dense forests and rugged terrain of the Amer
 22   Yeti Footprint         The Himalayan Mountains are the highest in the world.
 23   Abominable Snowman     Some explorers were startled to come upon these large
 24   Ancient Computer       These are photos of the world's oldest known computer
 25   Psychic Surgeon        From the secluded town of Congonhas Do Campo, Brazil,
 26   Shroud of Turin        For centuries the image on the Shroud of Turin has ca
 27   Noah's Ark             In 1959 this fantastic aerial photograph was taken by
 28   Noah's Ark             In June of 1960, George Vandeman an American evangeli
 29   Noah's Ark             This is a dynamic view of Noah's Ark showing it stick
 30   Checklist              Checklist

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