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Monster School Project LLC Promo Card Set - 2013

Notes: Cards were available at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. There is no Card #08.

No.   Title

 --   Monster School Project LLC [header card]
 01   Doug Jones as Head Master
 02   Clare Kramer as Dean of Discipline
 03   Tony Todd as Head of Security
 04   Gary Graham as Detective Johnson
 05   Crystal Allen as P.E. Instructor
 06   Sarah Agor as Assistant Security Chief
 07   Madison Dylan as Noel
 08     (no #08)
 09   Tiffany Brouwer as Krista
 10   Catherine Annette as Britney
 11   Reggie Bannister as Security Officer
 12   Carlee Baker as Nicole (Nikki) Baker
 13   Camden Toy as Security Officer
 14   Mark Pellegrino as Detective Lucas
 15   Kane Hodder as Shop Teacher
 16   Lisa Wilcox as Secretary
 17   Heather Langenkamp as Andrea Satin
 18   Stella Maeve as Madeline
 19   John Omohundro as Jeremy
 20   Chloe Zak as Coroner
 21   Jeff Rector as Police Officer
 22   Kevin Sorbo as Jim Satin

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©2013 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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