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Monster Initials
Topps - 1973-1974

Notes:  Stickers were issued with both tan backs and white (thicker) backs. The set 
is difficult to complete because some of the unnumbered stickers have the same pair 
of letters, but different pictures. The puzzle cards are usually considered to be part 
of the basic set. Packs with tan-back sticker packs showed wrapper serial 
# 0-449-21-01-3 and held 4 stickers plus 1 puzzle piece. Packs with white-back 
stickers showed wrapper serial # 0-449-21-01-3 and held 3 stickers plus 1 puzzle 

An Australian set produced by Scanlens Confectionary was basically the same as 
the U.S. set, but with 13 additional variations where some letters' art was replaced 
with "Ugly Stickers." Scanlens also produced another set in 1976 with only 44 
stickers. Many thanks to David Paul for the checklist!


  A A
  A D
  A E
  A I
  A K
  A N
  A O (Frankinstien/Godzilla)
  A O (Werewolf/Godzilla)
  A P (Werewolf/Phantom Opera)
  A P (Vampire/Phantom Opera)
  A S (Frankenstein/Snake)
  A S (Frankinstien/Vampire)
  A T
  A V (Vampire/Jekyll&Hyde)
  A V (Werewolf/Jekyll&Hyde)
  A X
  A Y
  A !

  B A (Werewolf/Frankenstein)
  B A (Red Eyed Devil/Zombie)
  B E
  B I
  B K
  B N
  B O
  B S
  B T
  B U
  B X
  B Y

  C D (Vampress/Bat)
  C D (Vampire/Bat)
  C E
  C J (Vampress/Gravedigger)
  C J (Vampire/Gravedigger)
  C K
  C L (Vampress/Frankenstein)
  C L (Vampire/Frankenstein)
  C O
  C U
  C X
  C Y

  E A (Zombie/Zombie)
  E A (Werewolf/Frankenstein)
  E D
  E I (Zombie/Ghoul)
  E I (Kong/Ghoul)
  E I (Werewolf/Hand)
  E L
  E N
  E O (Zombie/Frankenstein)
  E O (Werewolf/Godzilla)
  E P (Werewolf/Phantom Opera)
  E P (Zombie/Phantom Opera)
  E S (Zombie/Snake)
  E S (Kong/Snake)
  E T
  E U
  E X
  E Y

  F E
  F I
  F K
  F V
  F Y
  F !

  G A
  G J
  G L
  G O
  G S
  G !

  H E
  H I
  H N
  H O
  H V
  H !

  I A
  I E
  I K
  I N
  I Y
  I !

  M E
  M I
  M K
  M N
  M T
  M !

  Q A
  Q E
  Q L
  Q O
  Q S
  Q V

  R A
  R I
  R J
  R S
  R T
  R U

  T A
  T O
  T P
  T T
  T V
  T !

  U A
  U E
  U I
  U O
  U P
  U V

  W E
  W I
  W O
  W S
  W U
  W X

  Z E
  Z K
  Z N
  Z P
  Z T
  Z Y

  ? A
  ? D
  ? E
  ? I
  ? J
  ? S

Puzzle Pieces

  top left
  top middle
  top right
  center left
  center right
  bottom left
  bottom middle
  bottom right

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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