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Monsters Zombies and Freaks
   Cult-Stuff - 2011

Notes: This series was received most warmly as a sketch-card focus. Base cards 
are found 6 each in three pack types, numbered to 950. Card #18 also serves as 
Card #19 for the "Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Crime" set. Further information 
and scans are posted at the Cult-Stuff website.

    No.    Card Title / Scene / Sketch Artist              Artist

        Pack A

       1   Type Oh!                                        Matt Dixon
       2   That's Not for Nibbling!                        Matt Dixon
       3   Catchin' Some Beams                             Matt Dixon
       4   Brainnnsss                                      Beck "Seashols" Kramer
       5   Kitty Brainsss                                  Beck "Seashols" Kramer
       6   Thirsty!                                        Bill Pulkovski

        Pack B

       7   Crash Part 1                                    Gerald de Dios
       8   Crash Part 2                                    Gerald de Dios
       9   Fig. 7                                          Robert Hack
      10   Dreadful                                        Lance Sawyer, Mark Slater
      11   Weird Zombie Horror                             Lee Lightfoot
      12   Dawning of the Dead                             Lee Lightfoot

        Pack C

  13A/13   Drywater / Father Jarrett                       Mark Slater / Lance Sawyer
      14   Dracula                                         Lance Sawyer
      15   Where's Zombo!                                  Pablo Díaz
      16   Checklist (red hair and candle)
      --   Vortex Card (melting eyeball)
      18   Anna "Squid Girl" Powell, Browning's Circus 1899


Artist-Signed Glitter Bonus Cards (limited to 25 each)

 1 of 3    Matt Dixon
 2 of 3    Matt Dixon
 3 of 3    Matt Dixon

Bonus Cards (limited to 25 each)

    BC1    Midnite Diner (blue foil; limited to 25)        Matt Dixon
    BC1    Midnite Diner (black foil; # to 30, 26 issued)  Matt Dixon
    BC1    Matt Dixon (signed version)
    BC1    Matt Dixon (blue foil; signed version)
    BC1    Matt Dixon (black foil; signed version)

Bookmark Cards (4" x 1-1/4", limited to less than 500)

    BD1    Bookmark of the Damned                          Clay McCormack
    BD1    (foil-stamped; # to 25)                         Clay McCormack

    BD2    Bookmark of the Undead                          Carolyn Edwards
    BD2    (foil-stamped; # to 25)                         Carolyn Edwards

Canvas Puzzle Cards (1:3 packs; art by Pablo Diaz for "Where's Zombo" on Card 15)

   WZP1    (magic bus)
   WZP2    (gates to bus)
   WZP3    (castle on mountaintop)
   WZP4    (climbing to rooftops)
   WZP5    (purple steer)
   WZP6    (flying saucer)
   WZP7    (raising mummy from grave)
   WZP8    (long fence)
   WZP9    (slide to purple blob)

Gutter Cards (2" x 1-1/2"; limited to 400 each)

Gutter 1   Margo's Head                                    Robert Hack
Gutter 2   Sawing a Woman in Half                          Mark Slater
Gutter 3   Uuurrrrg!! Uuurrrrg....                         Clayton McCormack
Gutter 4   Freak!!!                                        Bruce Gerlach

Mint Conditioned Cards (3" x 1-1/4")

    MC1    Ambushed [300]  [red, black ink]                Gerald de Dios

    MC2    Ghoul [250]                                     Dane Ault
    MC2    Ghoul [20] [black embossed MZF]                 Dane Ault
    MC2    Ghoul [45] [purple glitter MZF]                 Dane Ault
    MC2    Ghoul [70] [rainbow foil MZF]                   Dane Ault

Vortex Card Variants

     --    (black stamped; # to 30; image from card 17)
     --    (purple stamped' # to 30)

Gore Cards

     --    (Gore Card)

Variant Signed Base Cards (rainbow foil stamped)

      12   Dawning of the Dead                             Lee Lightfoot

Sketch Cards

     --    Kirstin Allen
     --    Dane Ault [20]
     --    Ted Dastick Jr.
     --    Gerald de Dios
     --    Jason Durden
     --    Carolyn Edwards
     --    Bruce Gerlach [150]
     --    Robert Hack
     --    Beck "Seashols" Kramer
     --    Jayson Kretzer
     --    Lee Lightfoot
     --    Clayton McCormack [25]
     --    Rhys McDonald
     --    Rick Melton
     --    Pablo Diaz Mencia
     --    Don Pedicini Jr.
     --    Bill Pulkovski
     --    Jon Riggle
     --    Lance Sawyer
     --    Mark Slater

Uncut Sheets (by redemption)

     --    (redemption card; Canvas set of 9)


     P1    (red blob)                                      Robert Hack
     P1    (red foil MZF; # to 100)                        Robert Hack
     P1    (red glitter enhanced; # to 50)                 Robert Hack
     P1    (holofoil; # to 26)                             Robert Hack
     P1    (glow-in-the-dark; # to 50)                     Robert Hack
     P1    (bronze foil, signed; 20, pack inserted)        Robert Hack

     P2    (grave hand; # to 500)                          Carolyn Edwards
     P2    (glow-in-the-dark; # to 50 within 500)          Carolyn Edwards
     P1    (signed; pack inserted)                         Carolyn Edwards

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