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Monty Python's Flying Circus
Cornerstone - 1995

Note: Yes, they did all that to the card numbers on purpose.  What would you expect
from those guys, anyway?

No.   Front                                         Back

  1   Classic Images of Royalty-Free Clip Art       Title
  2   And now for something completely diff ...     Checklist
  3   It's...                                       Checklist
  4   Monty Python's Flying Circus                  Checklist
05a   How To Recognise Different Trees ... No. 1    Conrad Poohs
05b   How To Recognise Different Trees ... No. 1    Well, I object to all this
05c   How To Recognise Different Trees ... No. 3    Right. Now, no
  7   Man with tape recorder up nose                there is no card six!
  8   Tape recorder up brother's nose               Chippenham Brick & Forge
  9   Ken Clean-Air System                          The big fight
 10   Upper Class Twits: Nigel Incubator-Jones      John Cleese
 11   Upper Class Twits: Gervaise Brooke-Hamster    Michael Palin
 12   Upper Class Twits: Vivian Smith-Smythe-Smith  Eric Idle
 13   Upper Class Twits: Oliver St John-Mollusc     Graham Chapman
 14   Upper Class Twits: Simon Zinc-Trumpet-Harris  Terry Jones
 15   Whizzo Assortment: Mr. T. F. Gumby            The Merchant of Venice
 16   How to Walk Silly (part 1)
 17   Film Review: Salad Days
 18   Mr. Neutron
 19   photo: living room                            Carol Cleveland
 20   Whizzo Assortment: Mr. & Mrs. A. T. Hun
 21   photo: le pouff celebren                      play spot the loony
 22   The Golden Age of Ballooning                  Women's Institute Applause
 23   The Golden Age of Ballooning                  Monty Python in Deutschland
 24   The Golden Age of Ballooning                  We'll return to TGAOB
 25   The Golden Age of Balloning                   There is also a book
 26   Whizzo Assortment: Hank and Roy Spim          Look Back in Anger
 28   sketch: lumberjack chorus                     Mounties choir - Barber
 29   photo: literary construction                  Michael Palin
 30   Whizzo Assortment: Mrs. Beulagh Premise       Crunchy frog
 31   Whizzo Assortment: Mrs. Conclusion            Antrax ripple
 32   photo: playwright                             How to Walk Silly (part 2)
 33   An Appeal For Sanity                          St. Loony Up The Cream Bun
 34   Whizzo Assortment: Secret agent Teddy Sald    Maid of the Mountains
      ... and Captain Carpenter
 35   Crelm Dental Action: Lemming of the BDA       Gay Boys in Bondage
 36   Crelm Dental: The Big Cheese and Floppsy      It's the Arts
 37   Crelm Dental Action Heroes: Brian             It's a Living
 38   photo: marriage counselor                     Carol Cleveland
 39   Whizzo: Mr. Raymond Luxury Yacht              Ram's bladder cup
 40   sketch: dead parrot                           Praline - Shopkeeper
 41   art: Dinsdale? with pig                       Terry Gilliam
 42   Johnson's Novelties
 43a  sketch: lumberjack chorus                     Barber - Mounties choir
 43b  The war against pornography A                 <>
 44   The war against pornography B                 One day Rikki the magic
 45   The war against pornography C                 Old Nick, the Sea Captain
 46   The war against pornography D                 Rumpletweezer ran the
 47   photo: Indian theatre                         Great Moments in Jurisprud
 48   photo: Napoleon
 49   sketch: argument clinic                       Man - Mr. Vibrating
 50   Whizzo: Chf. Inspector Jean-Paul Zatapathique Importance of Being Earn
 51   photo: store clerk                            Your star signs
 52   Whizzo War Gum: R.A.F. Banter                 My dogg's got no nose!
 53   Big Blo: Village Idiot                        Upon Reading Chapman's
 54   Big Blo: City Idiot                           Lend Us a Quid Till the
 55   pnoto: dull life                              HermitCard
 56   sketch: cheese shope                          Mousebender - Wensleydale
 57   Whizzo Assortment: Mr. Kevin Garibaldi        BL: Nazi War Atrocities
 58   Wanted - Arthur X for Armed Robbery           Von Hauptkopf of Ulm
 59   photo:                                        tv music library: Spam
 60   photo: Queen Victori                          Terry Gilliam
 61   Whizzo: Mr. Reginald Bimmler of N. Minehead   Spring surprise
 62   sketch: Bruces                                University of Woolamaloo
 63   photo: Mr. Cleese                             John Cleese
 64   sketch: army protection                       Luigi - Dino- Colonel
 65   photo: Whizzo assortment                      Terry Jones
 66   Coming soon! Card 71                          Stand and Deliver
 67   sketch: nudge, nudge                          Norman: Is your wife
 68   photo: Mr. Idle                               Eric Idle
 69   Whizzo Assortment: Mr. Ken Shabby             Cherry fondue
 70   photo: complaints                             Graham Chapman
 71   card 71                                       Oh what a let-down!
 72   Whizzo Assortment: Mrs. Git                   Marquis de Sade's Memoirs
 73   sketch: dull life                             Comic Book Python
 74   Whizzo Assort.: Mr. Keith Maniac of Guatemala Cockroach cluster
 75   photo: psychiatrist                           Scott of the Sahara
 76   Uncle Ted in front of the house               And this is the Spanish
 77   photo: Terry Gilliam at organ                 Hurry! There are only
 78   cheese checklist                              photo: bus at bus stop
 79   art: Mona Lisa artwork                        Hurry!  Hurry! Hurry!
 80   Monty Python (group shot)                     photo: alley arch
 81   The End                                       Nobody expects -- Oh,

Animator Cards

 A1   character
 A2   background
 A3   character
 A4   background
 A5   character
 A6   background

Trivia Cards

 T1   Gwen Dibley's Flying Circus
 T2   And now for something ...
 T3   Stop me if you've heard this one
 T4   The only Python to star in his own ...
 T5   The Colonel
 T6   The Gumbys
 T7   It's the "It's" Man
 T8   Ministry of Silly Walks Yearly Report
 T9   All the Nudes That Fit
 T10  Knights and Rubber Chickens

Biography Cards

 B1   Graham Chapman
 B2   John Cleese
 B3   Terry Gilliam
 B4   Eric Idle
 B5   Terry Jones
 B6   Michael Palin
 B7   Carol Cleveland

Preview Cards

 P1   Holy Grail (2 different)
 P2   Life of Brian (2 different)

 --   (Fake Scratch 'n' Listen Card)


Foil Cards (1:18 packs)

 F1   Gumby
 F2   Ministry of Silly Walks
 F3   Dead parrot
 F4   Lumberjack

 --   (Scratch 'n' Listen Card: genuine, foil)


---   And now for something completedly different ...
 P1   25th Anniversary Monty Python's Flying Circus
 P2   You're Invited!

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