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Moonshine Missies: Rebels & Hell Raisers!
   Marty & Boo Cards - 2013

Notes: This series was marketed primarily for its sketch cards. Thanks to Brian 
Kutz for the update!

Pack: Base set + 1-2 sketches + random postcard inserts.
200 packs made.

No.   Title                               Artist

Base Cards

--    Drink too much and this ...         Doug Riggsby
--    Drink too much moonshine ...        Doug Riggsby
--    Piglets for sale!                   George Webber
--    There are women that ...            Kimberly Dunaway

   3D Card

--    Whiskey, like a beautiful ...       Babisu & Kokkinakis

Postcards (art by Doug Riggsby)

  1   Djibouti IS real HOT, I AM big ...
  2   Thom, I think it's gonna' be O.K.!
  3   My EYES!
  4   $50.00 on Dale jr.
  5   THIS is a LOT better
  6   I ain't got no pants on!

Artist Sketch Cards (1-2:pack)

      Achilleas Kokkinakis
      Babisu Kourtis
      Bianca Thompson
      Clinton Yeager
      Dan Gorman
      Doug Riggsby
      Elfie Lebouleux
      Elisa Chong
      Emily Riggsby
      Fer Galicia
      Francois Chartier
      George Webber
      James "Bukshot" Bukauskas
      Joe Gravel
      John Monserrat
      Jon Riggle
      Kevin Meinert
      Kimberly Dunaway
      Kitty-Lydia Dye
      Laura Inglis
      Lazaro Suarez
      Louis Small Jr.
      Lynne Anderson
      Mark Martino
      Michelle Lewis
      Nathan Ohlendorf
      Robert Floyd Sumner
      Scott Rorie
      Solly Mohamed
      Vanessa "Banky" Farano
      William J. Kunkle
      William Withers

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