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Morbid Monster Cards
NostalgiCards - 1999

Notes:  Each card came in two coloring variations for the card front.  These variations
can be described most easily by the tagging on the backs of the cards with a single "*"
or a double "**".  For the one-star and two-star variations, I show in the list the color
that is dominant at the top of the card and the color that is dominant at the bottom of
the card.  The regular set of 45 cards becomes a variation set of 90 cards.  Also, a foil
parallel set (in both color or "star" varieties) was distributed one-per-pack, providing a
variation parallel set of 90 cards. Thanks much to John Oder for the update!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards + 1 parallel foil. 10 boxes per case.
Common 90-card variation sets: approx. 2.80 per box if collation were perfect.
90-card parallel foil sets: approx. 0.40 per box.

                                        Single "*"         Double "**"
No.   Title                           Front top-bottom   Front top-bottom

  1   Carnivorous Chris                yellow-red        purple-blue
  2   Shifty Sean                      yellow-purple     blue-green
  3   Alien Ayn                        green-brown       orange-purple
  4   Decaying Dave                    green-brown       orange-green
  5   ARobotic Rebecca                 yellow-purple     green-blue
  6   Jaundiced Jane                   green-brown       green-blue
  7   Mutated Melvin                   yellow-purple     blue-green
  8   Icky Igor                        green-brown       orange-purple
  9   Headless Harry                   orange-purple     green-brown
 10   Dreadful Drew                    green-blue        orange-purple
 11   Nearsighted Ned                  blue-green        green-brown
 12   Possessed Paula                  yellow-purple     orange-purple
 13   Parasitic Peter                  green-brown       purple-purple
 14   Fiery Fred                       green-blue        orange-purple
 15   Scurvy Skip                      yellow-purple     blue-green
 16   Creeping Connie                  green-brown       purple-purple
 17   Batty Betty                      blue-green        orange-purple
 18   Molten Mike                      yellow-purple     orange-purple
 19   Jurassic Jim                     lt orange-green   purple-blue
 20   Devilish Del                     green-blue        blue-green
 21   Neanderthal Nick                 orange-purple     dk orange-purple
 22   Clammy Clarence                  green-blue        purple-blue
 23   Howling Hal                      purple-purple     orange-green
 24   Jeering Jack                     green-red         blue-green
 25   Clawing Cathy                    orange-green      yellow-purple
 26   Frightening Frank                green-red         green-blue
 27   Voracious Val                    orange-purple     orange-green
 28   Horrendous Howard                green-brown       blue-green
 29   Succulent Seymour                green-brown       orange-green
 30   Talking Tim                      purple-blue       green-brown
 31   Ghostly Gary                     green-brown       blue-green
 32   Nasty Nellie                     yellow-purple     green-blue
 33   Wicked Wendy                     purple-purple     orange-green
 34   Bony Boris                       green-brown       yellow-purple
 35   Luscious Lucretia                green-brown       green-blue
 36   Ferocious Fran                   orange-purple     orange-green
 37   Abominable Alissa                green-red         yellow-purple
 38   Slimy Sigmund                    dk orange-purple  yellow-purple
 39   Mangled Mary                     green-blue        orange-purple
 40   Tentacled Ted                    orange-green      blue-green
 41   Egyptian Ethel                   green-red         blue-green
 42   Jabbering Joel                   orange-green      orange-red
 43   Big Footed Ben                   purple-purple     green-blue
 44   Grisly Gus                       yellow-purple     green-brown
 45   Tortured Todd & Tormented Terry  orange-purple     green-brown


Signed Checklist Card (sent with first 100 cases)

 --   Todd M. Riley, William D. Bristow, Terry Riley, Jame A. Riley

Uncut Sheet (sold separately)

 --   (90-card panel)

Morbid Monster Cards Mini's (1-1/4" x 1-3/4"; distributed with test boxes)

   --      Creepy Jack (header card, 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" # to 590)
 1 of 12   Aquatic Andrew
 2 of 12   Buzzing Bud
 3 of 12   Dangerous Dan
 4 of 12   Gooey Gill
 5 of 12   Hideous Hyde
 6 of 12   Kongish Keith
 7 of 12   Mad Matthew
 8 of 12   Monsterous Maureen
 9 of 12   Moldy Mitch
10 of 12   Rabid Richard
11 of 12   Shrunken Shannon
12 of 12   Vampish Vicki


P1    Morbid Mark (general distribution)
--    Checklist (unnumbered, unsigned)
MC1   Brutal Benjamin (Monster Con)
NSU1  Rotting Roxanne (Non-Sport Update)
PS1   Phantom Phil (Philly Show)
TS1   Jagged Jefferson (Toy Shop)
W1    Lacerated Les (The Wrapper)
--    (9-card panel: 3x P1, 1 each other promos and checklist; # to 50 and
         signed; at card shows by random drawing)
--    (test pack of the seven promos; less than 25 made)
--    (test pack for Morbid Monsters Magnets; series was not produced)

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©2000, 2001, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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