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More than Battlefield Earth: 
    The Science Fiction Art of L. Ron Hubbard
Comic Images - 1995

Note:  Thanks much to Kirk Wible, Steve Lillard, and Uschi Lohnes 
for updates!

Box: 48 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 5.29 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                        Artist

  1   Bulletball Champion                          Charles Wildbank
  2   The Countess Krak                            Joe Spencer
  3   Fortune of Fear                              Gerry Grace
  4   Grand Council                                Gary Meyer
  5   Jettero Heller                               Gary Meyer
  6   Joy City                                     Gary Meyer
  7   The Manco Devil                              Charles Wildbank
  8   Moonrider                                    Frank Frazetta
  9   Palace City                                  Gary Meyer
 10   Soltan Gris                                  Joe Spencer
 11   Parade of Acts                               Irene Meyers
 12   Tug One                                      Greg Winters
 13   An Alien Affair (sec. a)                     Gerry Grace
 14   Jonnie and Chrissie                          Greg Winters
 15   Jonnie and Windsplitter                      Greg Winters
 16   Jonnie and His Friends                       Greg Winters
 17   Jonnie and the Psychlo                       Shun Kijima
 18   Jonnie's Vision                              Greg Winters
 19   Black Genesis                                Gerry Grace
 20   The Challenge                                Shun Kijima
 21   Death Quest                                  Gerry Grace
 22   Disaster                                     Gerry Grace
 23   Discovery of the Underground Base            Peter Heer
 24   An Alien Affair (sec. b)                     Gerry Grace
 25   Target Earth                                 Greg Winters
 26   Fear                                         Gerry Grace
 27   Dawn Attack                                  Frank Frazetta
 28   Final Countdown                              Charles Wildbank
 29   High Stakes                                  Greg Winters
 30   Tug One Departs Earth                        Greg Winters
 31   Gold Mining Disaster                         John Stewart
 32   Gangster Guns                                Greg Winters
 33   Hippocrates                                  Gerry Grace
 34   The Dommed Planet (sec. a)                   Gerry Grace
 35   Jettero and Hightee Heller                   Dave Willardson
 36   Jonnie Goodboy Tyler                         Paul Stinson
 37   Jonnie Preparing for the Final Confrontation Charles Wildbank
 38   The Doomed Planet (sec. b)                   Gerry Grace
 39   The Enemy Within #2
 40   Ole Doc Methuselah                           Gerry Grace
 41   Robert the Fox                               Corey Wolfe
 42   Slaves of Sleep                              Gerry Grace
 43   The Doomed Planet (sec. c)                   Gerry Grace
 44   The Drone (Int'l. Ed.)                       Paul Stinson
 45   The Drone (U.S. Edition)                     Paul Stinson
 46   The Duelist and the Countess Krak            Dave Willardson
 47   The Enemy Within #1                          Gerry Grace
 48   The Invaders Plan                            Gerry Grace
 49   The Learning Machine                         Corey Wolfe
 50   The Widow Tayl                               Charles Wildbank
 51   Vaillainy Victorious                         Gerry Grace
 52   Vision                                       Shun Kijima
 53   Voyage of Vengeance                          Gerry Grace
 54   Writers of the Future                        Gary Meyer
 55   The Countess and the Yellow Man              Frank Frazetta
 56   Bad Memories                                 Derek Hegsted
 57   Lowry's Nightmare                            Derek Hegsted
 58   The Old Crone                                Derek Hegsted
 59   Nothing There                                Derek Hegsted
 60   The Cliff                                    Derek Hegsted
 61   The Mirror                                   Derek Hegsted
 62   The Skull                                    Derek Hegsted
 63   Strange Visitors                             Sergei Poyarkov
 64   The Lieutenant                               Sergei Poyarkov
 65   Mortar Fire                                  Sergei Poyarkov
 66   The Intruder                                 Sergei Poyarkov
 67   The Gibbet                                   Sergei Poyarkov
 68   The Traitor                                  Sergei Poyarkov
 69   Gravesend                                    Sergei Poyarkov
 70   Dawn Approach                                Sergei Poyarkov
 71   Attack!                                      Sergei Poyarkov
 72   Finale                                       Sergei Poyarkov
 73   Ole Mother Methuselah
 74   Pearl Pirate
 75   Yellow Loot
 76   Dead Men Kill
 77   Mouthpiece
 78   The Carnival of Death
 79   The Death Flyer
 80   Flaming Arrows
 81   False Cargo
 82   Black Towers to Danger
 83   The Battling Pilot
 84   All Frontiers are Jealous
 85   Tje Great Secret
 86   Beyond All Weapons
 87   Final Enemy
 88   The Kingslayer
 89   The Masters of Sleep
 90   More than Battlefield Earth [Checklist]


Chromium Cards (1:16 packs)

 C1   Man, The Endangered Species                  Frank Frazetta
 C2   The Countess                                 Frank Frazetta
 C3   Leaping Lizards                              Frank Frazetta
 C4   Encounter                                    Frank Frazetta
 C5   The Lieutenant                               Frank Frazetta
 C6   Dreamflight                                  Frank Frazetta

Subset Cards (1:48 packs)

  1   Windsplitter                                 Jim Warren
  2   Chrissie Dreams of Rescue                    Jim Warren
  3   Windsplitter II                              Jim Warren

Medallion Card (1:144 packs)

Uncut Sheet

 --   (6-up panel)


---  More than Battlefield Earth (image from card #27; Frazetta artwork)
---  More than Battlefield Earth (Non-Sport Update 1994 Gummie Awards exclusive)
---  (dealer sell sheet)

©1998-2002, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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