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Mork & Mindy
Topps - 1978

Note:  Stickers are usually not included with the regular card sets. Wax 
wrappers have three different advertisements: "Pop Bottle Candy", "Ring 
Pop", and "Smooooth N'Juicy". Backs of 50 of the cards make up two 
puzzles, with puzzle pieces arranged in the order shown in the "map" 
below. Thanks much to Dave Foster for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards + 1 sticker.
Common sets: approx. 3.64 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 1.64 per box.

No.  Dialog / Title

 1   Never trust a man with four lips! All you'll
 2   Mork, that's the last time I use your tailor!
 3   My favorite dessert... porcelain!
 4   You're in good hands with Ork State!
 5   Sorry about last night - I made a real crimlu
 6   No, Mork - A double date doesn't mean going o
 7   Mindy I'd like to take you to a restaurant wi
 8   Be it ever so humble there's no place like Or
 9   Mindy, have you heard from Trash Gordon latel
10   Somebody just sold me Mt. Rushmore.. If I can
11   Nice outfit... But does it come with two pair
12   Whenever I see a car engine I'm reminded of h
13   Mindy, I had thousands of things to eat for l
14   I always thought aliens were green and scaly!
15   I come from a distant planet!
16   Mork - You're a man of few words-- All of the
17   Shazbot! I'm at the end of my rope!
18   Okay, Lefty, the breakout's set for tonight!
19   Get out of your shells.. Meet people.. Tell a
20   I just played the juke box -- And it won!
21   No more furniture moving today! I've got a cr
22   My arms fell asleep! Quick... Dip them in cof
23   I tell you, Sylvia.. We can't go on meeting l
24   You light up my splurg..
25   Mork acts more and more human every day!
26   Mork's in the bathroom! He's taking a meteor
27   I know you're watching the T.V.-- But I wish
28   I feel like having dessert! How about a bolog
29   Some of my best friends are sandwiches!
30   Mork's a responsible guy... Responsible for l
31   Mork is the cutest space creature I've ever m
32   Daddy, how can you possibly wear such a silly
33   I never met a spaceman I didn't like!
34   A asked Mork to take out the garbage.. He too
35   Mork, you're really smart!
36   You're a U.F.O. Mork... Unbelievably Far Out!
37   I tried to report to Orson... But he kept me
38   Mork-- A blind date does not mean going out i
39   Bring me a tennis racket-- I must toss the sa
40   I wish my daughter would find a boyfriend who
41   Greetings, my main Munchkin!
42   Mindy you're the nicest lower life form I've
43   Greetings Earthling, take me to your leader!
44   Cora, would you call me old-fashioned??
45   I think I've just had a close encounter of th
46   Hey, this is Mork's diary!
47   Na no, na no.. Err... I mean "hello"!
48   Mork, did you take a shower last night?
49   Do you like your air fried or hard boiled?
50   Poor fellow - I'm afraid he's lost his head!
51   Hi there, Plasma! Where it's at! Onk! Onk!
52   I wish they'd develop a vaccine for "Disco Fe
53   It's the only way to travel!
54   You can't live in the attic... It's dirty and
55   Zabah... Next time I travel first class!
56   That's some pair of antennae - Do you get goo
57   Smile, Daddy, you're on Candid Hologram!
58   Boy, was I ever bezuro last night!
59   I've caught a cold! Quick... Get a jar to put
60   This can has decided to have me recycled!
61   Shazbot! Thos Nimnuls forgot my luggage!
62   No, I will not accept a call from the Planet
63   Mork - That's not an elevator... It's a washi
64   Hold the mayo, quick!
65   They must have sent you to finishing school..
66   I can't stand this violence on TV! I'll never
67   Boy, they sure have ugly girls on this planet
68   It's enough to drive a man ork-faced!
69   I've developed a new slant on life!
70   I'm looking forward to a certain letter!
71   Hmm.. Reminds me of a girl I once dated on Ve
72   If this is soap opera, Mindy, where are the s
73   Take two eggs.. Add a scoop of ice cream and
74   Mindy, I just broke a promise... Where's the
75   I've got a new boyfriend, Dad!
76   I've discovered a cure for hiccups--- Unfortu
77   Is Mork in trouble?
78   Eugene, here's that slice of pizza you were l
79   Long distance? Give me the Planet Neptune!
80   Ahhh, peppermint nail polish... My favorite!
81   The moon is full tonight-- It just burped!
82   It's all right, Mork-- To err is human!
83   Isn't that a strange way to sleep?
84   My first day on the job was difficult! Like b
85   Mork are you a registered alien?
86   Mork you can count on me!
87   I think I'm going to be sick... I've just see
88   What's a nice sausage like you doing in a san
89   Nice girl... But she's suffering from termite
90   Mork does your spacesuit need ironing?
91   Have a seat, Mork!
92   It's what the well dressed Orkan is wearing!
93   These cups are a little dirty!
94   Are you okay?
95   Mork, I'm losing my mind!
96   Look, an 8-armed Namzal-- But they only live
97   Ah, a fleet of fellow space travelers! Welcom
98   Freddie just became "Wiener of the Year"!
99   Mork, you're really far out!


 1   It Loses Something without Ketchup!
 2   Relaxation, Orkan-Style!
 3   Mork from Ork Wants You!
 4   But Does It Travel Faster than Light?
 5   Skateboard Fever!
 6   Have a Chair, Mork!
 7   Mork... The (Not So) Easy Rider!
 8   Orkan Meets Earthling!
 9   Hot Dog Encounter!
10   Greetings, Little Nimnuls!
11   Spaced-Out Mork!
12   Pam Dawber Stars as Mindy
13   TV's Dynamic Duo!
14   Robin Williams & Pam Dawber
15   Friends... Or Lovelings?
16   Far-Out Young Star!
17   Na-No, Na-No, Earth Person!
18   Galactic Goof & Girlfriend
19   Disguised as an Earthman!
20   For Me? How ... Err ... Sweet!
21   Mork Flips His Cork!
22   Beautiful Mindy!


Red-Bordered Card Sequence

   Row 1    73  60  66  59  72
   Row 2    28  86  80  11  25
   Row 3    39  95  65  71  42
   Row 4    93  85  88  99  84
   Row 5    79  64  67  87  75

Blue-Bordered Card Sequence

   Row 1    68  76  74   1  81
   Row 2    62  82  91  98  89
   Row 3    63  32  56  77  61
   Row 4    94  78  70  58  92
   Row 5    69  97  19  83  90


--   (Advertising Sell Sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")

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