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Mortal Kombat II
Classic Games - 1994

Notes:  Congratulations to anybody who finished the chase-card sets!  Thanks
much to Javier Gomez (, who's getting close) for the updates!

 No.    Title                           Character

   1    Blade Fury                      Baraka
   2    Blade Swipe                     Baraka
   3    Spark                           Baraka
   4    Spark II                        Baraka
   5    Backbreaker                     Jax
   6    Energy Wave                     Jax
   7    Gotcha                          Jax
   8    Ground Smash                    Jax
   9    Multislam                       Jax
  10    High Fireball                   Johnny Cage
  11    Low Blow                        Johnny Cage
  12    Low Fireball                    Johnny Cage
  13    Shadow Kick                     Johnny Cage
  14    Uppercut                        Johnny Cage
  15    Fan Lift (Genesis & SNES)       Kitana
  16    Fan Lift (Game Boy)             Kitana
  17    Fan Swipe (Genesis & SNES)      Kitana
  18    Fan Swipe (Game Boy)            Kitana
  19    Fan Throw                       Kitana
  20    Fan Toss                        Kitana
  21    Square Wave                     Kitana
  22    Bullet Kick                     Kung Lao
  23    Whirlwind Spin                  Kung Lao
  24    Hat Throw                       Kung Lao
  25    Teleport                        Kung Lao
  26    Bicycle Kick (Genesis & SNES)   Kung Lao
  27    Bicycle Kick (Game Gear)        Kung Lao
  28    Bicycle Kick (Game Boy)         Kung Lao
  29    Flying Kick (Genesis & SNES)    Kung Lao
  30    Flying Kick (Game Gear)         Kung Lao
  31    Flying Kick (Game Boy)          Kung Lao
  32    High Fireball (Genesis & SNES)  Kung Lao
  33    High Fireball (Game Gear)       Kung Lao
  34    High Fireball (Game Boy)        Kung Lao
  35    Low Fireball (Genesis & SNES)   Kung Lao
  36    Low Fireball (Game Gear)        Kung Lao
  37    Low Fireball (Game Boy)         Kung Lao
  38    Roll Attack                     Mileena
  39    Sai Throw                       Mileena
  40    Teleport Kick                   Mileena
  41    Dive Attack                     Rayden
  42    Electrocute                     Rayden
  43    Lightning Bolt                  Rayden
  44    Teleport                        Rayden
  45    Acid Spit (Genesis & SNES)      Reptile
  46    Acid Spit (Game Boy)            Reptile
  47    Force Ball (Genesis & SNES)     Reptile
  48    Force Ball (Game Boy)           Reptile
  49    Invisibility                    Reptile
  50    Power Slide                     Reptile
  51    Air Throw (Genesis & SNES)      Scorpion
  52    Air Throw (Game Gear)           Scorpion
  53    Decoy Punch                     Scorpion
  54    Scissor Takedown                Scorpion
  55    Spear                           Scorpion
  56    Teleport                        Scorpion
  57    Single Fireball                 Shang Tsung
  58    Double Fireball                 Shang Tsung
  59    Triple Fireball                 Shang Tsung
  60    Morph                           Shang Tsung
  61    Rayden Morph                    Shang Tsung
  62    Johnny Cage Morph               Shang Tsung
  63    Sub-Zero Morph                  Shang Tsung
  64    Scorpion Morph                  Shang Tsung
  65    Kung Lao Morph                  Shang Tsung
  66    Reptile Morph                   Shang Tsung
  67    Kitana Morph                    Shang Tsung
  68    Jax Morph                       Shang Tsung
  69    Liu Kang Morph                  Shang Tsung
  70    Baraka Morph                    Shang Tsung
  71    Mileena Morph                   Shang Tsung
  72    Choose Your Warrior             You Choose
  73    Deep Freeze (Genesis & SNES)    Sub-Zero
  74    Deep Freeze (Game Boy)          Sub-Zero
  75    Ground Freeze                   Sub-Zero
  76    Power Slide (Genesis & SNES)    Sub-Zero
  77    Power Slide (Game Gear)         Sub-Zero
  78    Power Slide (Game Boy)          Sub-Zero
  79    Mortal Kombat Checklist
  80    Mortal Kombat Checklist


Finishing Moves (1:48 packs)

FM 1    Knock Off                       Baraka
FM 2    Lift                            Baraka
FM 3    Split                           Kung Lao
FM 4    Knock Off                       Kung Lao
FM 5    Kiss                            Kitana
FM 6    Knock Off                       Kitana
FM 7    Man Eaer                        Mileena
FM 8    Multi-Sai                       Mileena
FM 9    Torch 'Em                       Scorpion
FM10    Toasty                          Scorpion
FM11    Shocker                         Rayden
FM12    Explode                         Rayden
FM13    Knock Off                       Rayden
FM14    Torso                           Rayden
FM15    Clap                            Jax
FM16    Arms                            Jax
FM17    Uppercut                        Liu Kang
FM18    Dragon                          Liu Kang
FM19    Tongue                          Reptile
FM20    Invisible                       Reptile
FM21    Inside Out                      Shang Tsung
FM22    Soul Stealer                    Shang Tsung
FM23    Ice Grenade                     Sub-Zero
FM24    Super Ice                       Sub-Zero
FM25    Slash                           Scorpion

Friendship Moves (1:24 packs)

FD 1    Baraka
FD 2    Kung Lao
FD 3    Kitana
FD 4    Mileena
FD 5    Scorpion
FD 6    Rayden
FD 7    Johnny Cage
FD 8    Jax
FD 9    Liu Kang
FD10    Reptile
FD11    Shang Tsung
FD12    Sub-Zero

Babality Moves (1:12 packs)

BAB 1   Barka
BAB 2   Kung Lao
BAB 3   Kitana
BAB 4   Mileena
BAB 5   Scorpion
BAB 6   Rayden
BAB 7   Johnny Cage
BAB 8   Jax
BAB 9   Liu Kang
BAB10   Reptile
BAB11   Shang Tsung
BAB12   Sub-Zero

Spikes and Pit II (1:24 packs)

SP 1    Baraka
SP 2    Kung Lao
SP 3    Kitana
SP 4    Mileena
SP 5    Scorpion
SP 6    Rayden
SP 7    Johnny Cage
SP 8    Jax
SP 9    Liu Kang
SP10    Reptile
SP11    Shang Tsung
SP12    Sub-Zero

Spikes (1:48 packs)

SPK 1   Kitana
SPK 2   Mileena
SPK 3   Scorpion
SPK 4   Jax
SPK 5   Liu Kang
SPK 6   Reptile
SPK 7   Shang Tsung
SPK 8   Sub-Zero

Dead Pool (1:48 packs)

DP 1    Baraka
DP 2    Kung Laqo
DP 3    Kitana
DP 4    Mileena
DP 5    Scorpion
DP 6    Rayden
DP 7    Johnny Cage
DP 8    Jax
DP 9    Liu Kung
DP10    Reptile
DP11    Shang Tsung
DP12    Sub-Zero

Elite (5:384 packs)

  E1    Smoke
  E2    Jade
  E3    Noob Saibot
  E4    Shao Kahn
  E5    Kintaro


  PR1   Baraka Friendship

©2001, 2003, 2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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