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Movie, Cowboy and TV Stars
   Dixie - 1952

Notes: These ice-cream picture lids are 2-3/4" in diameter and were printed with various 
dairy distributor logos on the outside. Each artist's lid offered "Save any 12 Dixie Picture 
Lids For a Colored Picture Of Me."

   Actor                  Current Film

   Rex Allen              The Arizona Cowboy
   June Allyson           The Girl in White
   Johnny Mack Brown      Man from Black Hills
   Rod Cameron            Fort Osage
   Jeff Chandler          Red Ball Express
   Bing Crosby            Just for You
   "Wild" Bill Elliott    Waco
   Clark Gable            Lone Star
   Mitzi Gaynor           Dance Among the Shadowing Palms
   Stewart Granger        Scaramouche
   Bob Hope               Son of Paleface
   Betty Hutton           The Greatest Show on Earth
   Gene Kelly             The Devil Makes Three
   Alan Ladd              Red Mountain
   Allan "Rocky" Lane     His Stallion, Black Jack
   Mario Lanza            Because You're Mine
   Jean Peters            Viva Zapata!
   Charles Starrett       Laramie Mountains
   Elizabeth Taylor       Ivanhoe
   Robert Taylor          Ivanhoe
   Forrest Tucker         Hoodlum Empire
   John Wayne             The Quiet Man
   Shelley Winters        Untamed

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