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Movie Stars - Series of 96 [501-596]
   Anonymous - 1936

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/8" x 2-3/4" and were issued in strips, as 
"This is one of a series of 96 cards" with different-colored monochrome photo 
fronts. The cards are different from another strip-card set numbered 100-1896. 
American Card Catalog reference is R134. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-
Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title                       Role / Content

501   Carole Lombard              Love Before Breakfast, My Man Godfrey
502   Dixie Dunbar                The First Baby
503   Priscilla Lawson            Flash Gordon
504   Jane Wyatt                  Universal Pictures
505   Jean Rogers                 Flash Gordon
506   Binnie Barnes               Sutter's Gold
507   Nana Bryant                 Columbia Pictures
508   Margaret Sullavan           Universal Pictures
509   Irene Dunne                 Magnificant Obsession, Show Boat
510   Helen Wood                  Champaign Charlie
511   Edith Fellows               Columbia Pictures
512   Joan Perry                  Columbia Pictures
513   Florence Rice               Columbia Pictures
514   Elizabeth Risdon            Columbia Pictures
515   Martha Tibbetts             Columbia Pictures
516   Marian Marsh                Columbia Pictures
517   Gloria Stuart               Universal Pictures
518   Alice Faye                  Poor Little Rich Girl
519   Diane Gibson                Universal Pictures
520   Sara Haden                  Half Angel, Poor Little Rich Girl
521   June Lang                   The Road to Glory
522   Shirley Deane               The First Baby
523   Rita Cansino                Human Cargo
524   Helen Morgan                Show Boat
525   Edward Arnold               Sutter's Gold
526   Allan Jones                 Show Boat
527   Michael Whalen              Poor Little Rich Girl
528   John King                   Universal Pictures
529   Thomas Beck                 Champagne Charlie
530   Don Ameche                  Sins of Man
531   victor Kilian               Columbia Pictures
532   Paul Cavanagh               Champaign Charlie
533   Jack Holt                   Universal
534   Cesar romero                Love Before Breakfast
535   Gloria Holden               Dracula's Daughter
536   Thurston H. Hall            Columbia Pictures
537   Henry Mollison              Columbia Pictures
538   Arthur Rankin               Columbia Pictures
539   Robert Allen                Columbia Pictures
540   Noah Beery, Jr.             Universal Pictures
541   Buck Jones                  Universal Pictures
542   Karloff                     Universal Pictures
543   Lionel Stander              Columbia Pictures
544   J. Edward Bromberg          Sins of Man
545   Pinkey Tomlin               Universal Pictures
546   Lloyd Nolan                 Columbia Pictures
547   Billy Burrud                The Cowboy and the Kid
548   George O'Brien              O'Malley of the Mounted
549   Lee Tracy                   Sutter's Gold
550   Lew Ayres                   Columbia Pictures
551   Frank Lawton                Universal Pictures
552   Henry Hunter                Dracula's Daughter
553   Douglas Dumbrille           Columbia Pictures
554   Wyrley Biren                Columbia Pictures
555   Alan Dinehart               Human Cargo
556   Melvyn Douglas              Columbia Pictures
557   Herbert Mundin              Champagne Charlie, Poor Little Rich Girl
558   Robert Taylor               Magnificent Obsession
559   Raymond Walburn             Columbia Pictures
560   Brian Donlevy               White Fang
561   George Bancroft             Columbia Pictures
562   Larry "Buster" Crabbe       Flash Gordon
563   Gene Morgan                 Columbia Pictures
564   Edward Everett Horton       Universal Pictures
565   Crash Donovan               (motorcycles)
566   Sutter's Gold               (procession)
567   Crash Donovan               (police desk)
568   Crash Donovan               (fisticuffs)
569   Crash Donovan               (restraining)
570   Dracula's Daughter          (handshake)
571   Crash Donovan               (police raid)
572   Sutter's Gold               (tip of the hat)
573   The Cowboy and the Kid      (chat)
574   Under Two Flags             (cavalry)
575   Show Boat                   (festivities)
576   Sutter's Gold               (panning)
577   The Country Beyond          (parley)
578   Under Two Flags             (leaving fort)
579   O'Malley of the Mounted     (riding trail)
580   O'Malley of the Mounted     (riding, no hat)
581   Martha Tibbetts             Columbia Pictures
582   Florence Rice               Columbia Pictures
583   Joan Perry                  Columbia Pictures
584   Jane Darwell                The First Baby
585   Gloria Holden               Dracula's Daughter
586   Marguerite Churchill        Dracula's Daughter
587   Edith Fellows               Columbia Pictures
588   Marian Marsh                Columbia Pictures
589   Crash Donovan               (courtroom)
590   Dracula's Daughter          (gripping)
591   Sutter's Gold               (before fence)
592   Paroled                     (making case)
593   The Cowboy and the Kid      (gripping shoulders)
594   Dracula's Daughter          (with two police)
595   Dracula's Daughter          (stake night)
596   The Cowboy and the Kid      (helping fallen)

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