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Movie Gum
   General Gum - 1933

Notes: Cards are square with sepia tone photos and actor names in white. Images 
are printed inside wrappers. Inscription: "When you have a complete series of 
Movie Gum wrappers numbered from 1 to 24 inclusive, mail them to us and we 
will send you postpaid a large sized picture of your favorite movie star." American 
Card Catalog reference is R97-2. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards 

No.   Title

  1   Richard Arlen
  2   Warner Baxter
  3   Constance Bennett
  4   Joan Bennett
  5   Claudette Colbert
  6   Jackie Cooper
  7   Joan Crawford
  8   Marion Davies
  9   Marlene Dietrich
 10   Marie Dressler
 11   Sally Eilers
 12   Charles Farrell
 13   Clark Gable
 14   Greta Garbo
 15   Janet Gaynor
 16   Helen Hayes
 17   Walter Huston
 18   Buster Keaton
 19   Fredric March
 20   Robert Montgomery
 21   Conrad Nagel
 22   Ramon Navarro
 23   Will Rogers
 24   Norma Shearer

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