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Classic Vintage Movie Posters:
Stars, Monsters & Comedy
   Breygent Marketing - 2009

Notes:  Thanks to Anna Okumoto, Radickal Trading Cards, and Dave Foster for updates! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Breygent website.

Box: 24 packs of 6 cards. 12 boxes/case, 3000 numbered boxes.
Common sets (72): approx. 1.80 per box if collation were perfect.

 No.    Title                                             #       Poster

   1    The Birds (1963)
   2    Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
   3    Rope (1948)
   4    Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)
   5    Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
   6    Pillow Talk (1959)
   7    Planet of the Apes (1968)
   8    City Streets (1931)
   9    La Dolce Vita (1960)
  10    Roman Holiday (1953)
  11    Modern Times (1936)
  12    The Quiet Man (1952)
  13    The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)
  14    Ziegfield Follies (1946)
  15    Viva Zapata (1952)
  16    You Can't Take it With You (1938)
  17    Something to Sing About (1937)
  18    Diamond Horseshoe (1945)
  19    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)
  20    Sabrina (1954)
  21    The Mysterious Lady (1928)
  22    Ariana aka Love in the Afternoon (1957)
  23    Thirteen Hours By Air (1936)
  24    Werewolf of London (1935)
  25    The Wolf Man (1941)
  26    The Mummy's Curse (1944)
  27    The Mummy's Tomb (1942)
  28    The Mummy's Hand (1940)
  29    The Mummy (1932)
  30    Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
  31    Frankenstein (1931) [The Man Who Made a Monster]
  32    Frankenstein (1931) [The Original Horror Show]
  33    House of Frankenstein (1944)
  34    Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (1943)
  35    The Brides of Dracula (1960)
  36    Dracula (1931)
  37    Dracula aka Horror of Dracula (1958)
  38    Son of Dracula (1943)
  39    House of Dracula (1945)
  40    The Ape (1940)
  41    Mighty Joe Young (1949)
  42    The Black Cat (1934)
  43    Black Friday (1940)
  44    Before I Hang (1940)
  45    The Devil Bat (1941)
  46    The Invisible Man Returns (1940)
  47    Man Made Monster (1941)
  48    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)
  49    Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man (1951)
  50    Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff (1949)
  51    Hold That Ghost (1941)
  52    Animal Crackers (1930)
  53    Duck Soup (1933)
  54    Go West (1940)
  55    Love Happy (1949)
  56    Horse Feathers (1932)
  57    A-Haunting We Will Go (1942)
  58    Block-Heads (1938)
  59    The Bullfighters (1945)
  60    The Flying Deuces (1939)
  61    Pardon Us (1931)
  62    The Devil's Brother (1933)
  63    City Lights (1931)
  64    The Kid (1921)
  65    The Gold Rush (1925)
  66    The Cure (1917)
  67    The Rink (1916)
  68    Tire Trouble (1924)
  69    Good Bad Boys (1940)
  70    The Big Show (1923)
  71    Tillie and Gus (1933)
  72    Checklist


Foil Insert Cards (1:4 packs advertised, 1:3 packs actual)

     Vintage Stars

 VS1    La Dolce Vita (1960)
 VS2    Love Before Breakfast (1936)
 VS3    The Cameraman (1928)
 VS4    Go, Man, Go! (1954)
 VS5    Funny Face (1957)
 VS6    Sur Les Quais aka On the Waterfront (1954)
 VS7    Venus Makes Trouble (1937)
 VS8    The Nat King Cole Musical Story (1955)
 VS9    I Wanted Wings (1941)

     Vintage Monsters

 VM1    Dracula (1931) [Screamy! Scary! Terrifying!]
 VM2    Dracula (1931) [Bela bite]
 VM3    Dracula (1931) [stairway transport]
 VM4    Frankenstein (1931) [flipping the switch]
 VM5    Frankenstein (1931) [meeting the lady]
 VM6    Frankenstein (1931) [strapping down]
 VM7    King Kong (1933) [opening the big door]
 VM8    King Kong (1933) [chained on stage]
 VM9    King Kong (1933) [terrorizing the lady]

     Vintage Comedy

 VC1    Duck Soup (1933) [cauldron]
 VC2    Duck Soup (1933) [racing cars]
 VC3    Duck Soup (1933) [saluting]
 VC4    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) [Jeepers!]
 VC5    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948) [green hands]
 VC6    Abbott and Costello in Hollywood (1945)
 VC7    Fra Diavolo, aka The Devil's Brother (1933)
 VC8    Bons Pour le Service, aka Bonnie Scotland (1935)
 VC9    Gog Og Gokke, aka Saps at Sea (1940)

Prop and Costume Cards (1:12 packs)

        Note: The first title at the right gives the poster shown on the card front. The second title gives
        the show in which the item was used, or other source of the material.

 VO1    Lou Costello Blue & White Polka Dot Bow Tie      88       Hold That Ghost (The Abbott & Costello Show)
 VA1    Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer's Vintage Boxing Glove             The Champeen (Our Gang Short Productions)
 VT1    Lucille Ball's Faux Leopard Coat                          The Big Street (The Lucy Show)
 VJ1    John Wayne's Western Neck Scarf                           The Quiet Man (Rooster Cogburn)
 VY1    Audrey Hepburn's Faux Leopard Hat               185       Sabrina (Charade)
 VD1    Doris Day's White Gloves                                  Pillow Talk (Pillow Talk)
 VI1    Ida Lupino's Handbag                                      Sherlock Holmes (Mr. Adams and Eve)
 VK1    Karl Malden's Grey Fedora Hat                             On The Waterfront (The Streets of San Francisco)
 VH1    William Holden's U.S. .45 Holster               150       I Wanted Wings (The Wild Bunch)
 VC1    Gary Cooper's WWI Military Uniform Leggings               Ariana (Sergeant York)
 VL1    Bruce Lee's Screen-Worn Suspenders [black]                The Way of the Dragon (The Green Hornet)
 VL2    Bruce Lee's Screen-Worn Suspenders [yellow]               The Way of the Dragon (The Green Hornet)
 VR2    Yankee Stadium Brick                                      Babe Comes Home (personal collection)
 VR1    Babe Ruth's Game Used Bat                                 Pride of the Yankees (personal collection)
 VG1    Clark Gable's Shirt                                       Any Number Can Play (personal collection)
 VB1    William 'Buckwheat' Thomas' Tie Material                  Tire Trouble (personal collection)
 VB2    William 'Buckwheat' Thomas' Tie Material                  Sunday Calm (personal collection)

Sketch Art Cards (1:288 packs)

  --    Dave Fox                                         44
  --    Brian Kong                                        ?
  --    Jim Kyle                                         50
  --    James McNeil                                      ?
  --    Steven Miller                                     ?
  --    Trev Murphy                                      45

Cut Signature Cards (1:288 packs)

        Note: The cuts came in three sizes, and the size is not always reported in web postings. Where it is
        known that some of the sequence were inserted in boxes in the "medium" or "large" format, this is
        shown after the total number of cuts for that artist. The film shown on the card-front poster was
        not always noted and the card "number" was not always legible. I assigned the "VCSxx" sequence when
        it was obvious and left it blank when there were conflicts or two possibilities. It will take a
        while to complete this list!

          Small Cards (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") -- 106 made
          Medium Cards (3" x 5")        -- 126 made
          Large Cards (5" x 7")         --  19 made

VCSAH   Alfred Hitchcock
VCSAM   Ann Miller                                        4       You Can't Take It With You
VCSAQ   Anthony Quinn                                     4       Lawrence of Arabia
VCSBA   Bud Abbott                                        2  SM   Hold That Ghost
VCSBG   Betty Grable
VCSBK   Boris Karloff                                     3       The Bride of Frankenstein
VCSBL   Bela Lugosi                                       3  SM   Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man
VCSBS   Bob Steele                                       10  M    Galloping Romeo
VCSCC   Charlie Chaplin                                   1       City Lights
VCSCH   Charlton Heston                                  11       The Ten Commandments
VCSCJ   Lon Chaney, Jr.                                   2       The Wolf Man
VCSCM   Chico Marx
VCSCN   Chuck Norris
VCSCR   Cesar Romero
VCSDD   Doris Day Melcher                                16       Pillow Talk
VCSDR   Debbie Reynolds
VCSEA   Eddie Albert
VSCEM   Eva Marie Saint                                   1       Sur Les Quais...
VCSFG   Farley Granger
        Fred MacMurray
        Fredric March
VCSGK   Gene Kelly                                        1  S    Ziegfeld Follies
VCSGP   Gregory Peck                                      5       Moby Dick
VCSHH   Huntz Hall
VCSJB   Joan Bennett                                      9       13 Hours By Air
VCSJC   James Cagney                                      3       G-Men
        John Carradine
VCSJD   Jimmy Durante
        Jose Ferrer
        Jane Fonda
        Joan Fontaine
VCSJH   John Huston
VCSJS   James Stewart                                     8       Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
VCSJT   Jessica Tandy
VCSJW   John Wayne                                        1       The Quiet Man
VCSKD   Kirk Douglas
VCSKG   Kathryn Grayson                                   2
        Katharine Hepburn
        Kim Hunter
VCSKM   Karl Malden                                      11  M    On the Waterfront
VCSLB   Lucille Ball
VCSLC   Lou Costello
VCSLG   Leo Gorcey
VCSLH   Lena Horne
VCSMA   Mary Astor
VCSMB   Marlon Brando
VCSMM   Mary Martin
VCSOH   Oliver Hardy
VCSPS   Phil Silvers
VCSRH   Rock Hudson
VCSRM   Roger Maris                                       1       Safe at Home
VCSRR   Richard Red Skelton                              21  SM   Ziegfeld Follies
VCSRS   Rodney Steven Steiger                            15  M    On the Waterfront
VCSSL   Stan Laurel
VCSSM   Spanky McFarland
VCSSW   Shelley Winters
        Theodore Bikel
        Tommy Butch Bond
VCSTM   Terry Moore                                       2  M    Mighty Joe Young
VCSTR   Tony Randall
VCSVP   Vincent L. Price, Jr.                            20  SM   The Invisible Man Returns
VCSWB   William "Buckwheat" Thomas                        1       Surprised Parties
VCSWH   William Holden
VCSYL   Mickey Mantle                                     2
VCSZM   Zeppo Marx                                       11

3-Case Dealer Incentive Prop Card

 VR3    Babe Ruth Game Used Bat & Yankee Stadium Brick            The Pride of the Yankees

5-Case Dealer Incentive Sketch Art Card

  --    Sean Pence

Card Album (sold separately; 500 made)

  --            Stars * Monsters * Comedy (binder)
Album Promo 1   Safe at Home! [white border]
Album Promo 2   Safe at Home! [orange border]

Lenticular Card (SDCC 2011 Mystery Packs)

  --    The Bride of Frankenstein


Promo 1               (Stars: Alfred Hitchcock)
Promo 2               (Monsters: Bride of Frankenstein)
Promo 3               (Comedy: Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello)
Promo 4               The Birds
Promo 5               Frankenstein (foil)
Promo 6               Little Rascals "Derby Day"
Anniversary Promo 1   La Novia de Frankenstein (50th Philly Show Attendees # to 700)
Anniversary Promo 2   (50th Philly Show Dinner; # to 300)
Anniversary Promo 3   Werewolf of London / Psycho (50th Philly Show Dealers; # to 100)

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©2009, 2011 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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