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Marvel A&A Vending Stickers
A&A Global Industries, Inc. - 1999

Notes:  These blank-back die-cut stickers, approximately 4-1/2" x 2-1/2", showed
images from previous Marvel sets, in particular some from Marvel Masterpieces
1994.  They are similar to some of the unauthorized stickers from MM92 and
MM93, and were often distributed by vending machines placed at Pizza Hut
outlets. Many thanks to Reginald Bauer for the original list, and to Amalia Barrios
for completing it and making it all make sense!

in MM94   Character

  --      Carnage
  41      Gambit
  44      Green Goblin
  56      Iron Man
  --      Magneto, Wolverine, Gambit
  --      Silver Surfer
  --      Silver Surfer
  --      Spider-Man
  --      Spider-Man
  --      Spider-Man
  --      Venom
  --      X-Men

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