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Marvel 1993 Annuals Promos
   Marvel Comics - 1993

Notes:  These cards were inserted in issues of Marvel Annual omnibus comics, and 
feature a recently introduced character. James Ogden (thanks!) identified the card 
number for the ones he's seen, Amalia Barrios was a great resource for the card 
numbers of the others, and Mitchell Brown made the links to the books where the 
cards were found. Thanks also to Lynne Hedges and Dan Bailey for updates!

No.   Character         Type              Magazine

  1   Annex             Super-Villain     Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27
  2   Bantam                              Captain America Annual #12
  3   Darkling          Super-Villain     New Warriors Annual #3
  4   Bloodwraith                         Avengers Annual #22
  5   Cadre             Super-Villains    Web of Spider-Man Annual #9
  6   Charon            Super-Villain     X-Factor Annual #8
  7   X-Cutioner        Super-Villain     Uncanny X-Men Annual #17
  8   Wildstreak        Super Hero        Fantastic Four Annual #26
  9   Kyllian           Super-Villain     Dr. Strange Annual #3
 10   Dreamkiller                         Darkhawk Annual #2
 11   Hit Maker                           Wonder Man Annual #2
 12   The Assassin      Super-Villain     Namor Annual #3
 13   Lazarus           Super-Villain     The Incredible Hulk Annual #19
 14   Devourer          Super Hero        Daredevil Annual #9
 15   The Flame         Super-Villain     The Mighty Thor Annual #18
 16   Face Thief                          Iron Man Annual #14
 17   Phalanx                             Punisher War Zone Annual #1
 18   Irish Wolfhound   Super Hero        Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3
 19   Khaos             Superbeing        Excalibur Annual #1
 20   Nocturne                            Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13
 21   Raptor                              Avengers West Coast Annual #8
 22   Night Terror                        Ghost Rider Annual #1
 23   Legacy            Super Hero        Silver Surfer Annual #6
 24   Empyrean          Super-Villain     X-Men Annual #2
 25   Eradikator                          Punisher Annual #6
 26   Tracer            Superbeing        Deathlok Annual #2 
 27   X-Treme           Superbeing        X-Force Annual #2

 --   1993 Annuals                        (Checklist promo)

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