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Marvel Heroes: Video Game Beta Test Cards
   Marvel / Gazillion - 2012

Note: These are prototype cards for a Mission card game to supplement the PC video 
game, distributed at conventions.

  No.   Title          Points   Type

 1/12   Wolverine        1      Repeatable
 2/12   Deadpool         1      Repeatable
 3/12   Hulk             1      Repeatable
 4/12   Iron Man         1      Repeatable
 5/12   Storm            2      Repeatable
 6/12   Scarlet Witch    2      Repeatable
 7/12   Spider-Man       2      Repeatable
 8/12   Venom            2      Repeatable
 9/12   Thing [scarce]   3      Repeatable
10/12   Ms. Marvel       3      Repeatable
11/12   Nova             3      Unique
12/12   Jean Grey        4      Unique

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