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Marvel Masterpieces 1992 Stickers
   Anonymous (Unauthorized) - 1992

Notes:  These blank-back prismatic stickers were "unauthorized" versions of
images from regular Marvel Masterpieces cards, often distributed by vending
machines placed at Pizza Hut outlets. The images are the same as the respective
cards for the characters in the MM 1992 card set, except for two with Joe
Jusko artwork that wasn't in the Skybox set. Many thanks to Reginald Bauer
for the original list and updates, to Amalia Barrios for making it more clear. 
Bob Konrad discovered that 15 of the 25 stickers came with a variation, either 
with or without a black stencil border on the edges of letters in the character name 
and the letters appear thinner. For items that have both versions, the no-border 
type seems to be significantly scarcer. Ones with two varieties are shown with 
a "*" below.

in MM92   Character

   7      Beast 
  16 *    Captain America
  14      Colossus 
  13      Cyclops 
  30 *    Galactus 
  29      Gambit
  37 *    Ghost Rider
  32 *    Hulk
  40 *    Iceman 
  38 *    Iron Man 
  46      Jean Grey 
  49      Magneto 
  57 *    Namor 
  63      Nightcrawler 
  65      Psylocke 
  73 *    Punisher  
  78 *    Sabretooth 
  -- *    Silver Surfer (Joe Jusko art, not in regular set)
  87 *    Spider-Man 
  86      Storm 
  83 *    Thanos 
  91 *    Thing
  92 *    Thor 
  97 *    Venom  
  --      Wolverine (Joe Jusko art, not in regular set)

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