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Marvel Masterpieces 1993 Stickers
Anonymous (Unauthorized) - 1993

Notes:  These blank-back prismatic stickers were "unauthorized" versions of
images from regular Marvel Masterpieces cards, often distributed by vending
machines placed at Pizza Hut outlets. The images are the same as the respective
cards for the characters in the MM 1993 card set.  Many thanks to Reginald
Bauer for the original list and updates, and to Amalia Barrios for making it
all clear!

in MM93   Character

  16      Archangel
  17      Beast
  57      Bishop
  18      Cable
  15      Captain America
  19      Carnage
  38      Colossus
  53      Cyber (die-cut)
   7      Cyclops
  59      Darkhawk
  43      Doom 2099
  31      Gambit
  13      Ghost Rider
  84      Havok
  70      Hawkeye
   1      Hulk
   4      Iron Man (die-cut)
  75      Jean Grey
  39      Magneto
  26      Punisher
  27      Rogue
  28      Sabretooth
  76      Shatterstar
  11      Silver Surfer
  41      Spider-Man 2099
  10      Storm (die-cut)
  35      Thanos
   3      Thor (die-cut)
   6      Wolverine (die-cut)
  45      Venom

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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