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Marvel Celebrates with M&M's Promo Card Set
   Marvel Customs - 2016

Notes: Casds were available at San Diego Comic Con 2016 to help celebrate the 75th 
Anniversary of M&M's.

     Title                                Caption / Description

     M&M's                                Celebrating 75 Years of M&Ms!
     M&M's                                He's the People's Choice
     The IncrEDIBLE M&Ms
     Celebrate with M&M's                 (Miss Green)
     Colorful. Chocolate. Candy.
     M&M's                                (lightning strikes)
     M&M's                                (Orange)
     Celebrate with M&M's                 "The Blue Candy"
     M&M's 75th Anniversary               The command power of the M&M's candies
     M&M's 75th Anniversary               (Blue pointing with four other)
     75th Anniversary M&Ms                (six flying)
     75th Anniversary ofM&Ms              (blue with red shield 75)

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