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Marvel Masterpieces 2 (1993)
   SkyBox - 1993

Notes:  Original checklist was generously compiled by Patrick Long, thanks much! And 
thanks to Reginald Bauer, Uschi Lohnes, and Barbara Chance for updates! 

For those of you who follow such things, Reginald reports at least six "error cards": 
#68 (Typhoid Mary) without the silver printing on "Typhoid" (reportedly there are 
only five known copies with this defect); #9 (Namor) is mis-titled "Hercules" and 
the image is printedupside-down, with a lesser mis-cut; the S4 Spectra-Etch card 
without the foil etching on the front; cards #22 (Daredevil) and #23 (Iron Fist) missing  
the "1993 Marvel Masterpieces" emblem on the fronts and without the names on the 
bottom; and #55/#56 with fronts and backs each showing about 3/4 of Deadpool and 
1/4 of Kingpin. Dave Nilson reports a card #40 with no printing on the front, and 
Lance Hudson reports without metallic printing on the card front. Dan Bailey reports 
a checklist card with a silver-foil top instead of purple foil. If these were all misprints 
or error cards, I suspect that there were others that arose from problems with the 
printing of one or more uncut sheets.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.36 per box if collation were perfect.
No.   Title                       Artist

  1   Hulk                        Bill Sienkiewicz
  2   Human Torch                 Jim Steranko
  3   Thor                        Lou Harrison
  4   Iron Man                    Julie Bell
  5   Spider-Man                  Michael W. Kaluta
  6   Wolverine                   Bill Sienkiewicz
  7   Cyclops                     Joe Phillips
  8   Doctor Strange              Michael W. Kaluta
  9   Namor                       Jim Steranko
 10   Storm                       Michael W. Kaluta
 11   Silver Surfer               Julie Bell
 12   Vision                      Joe Jusko
 13   Ghost Rider                 Bill Sienkiewicz
 14   Thing                       George Perez
 15   Captain America             Jim Steranko
 16   Archangel                   Joe Phillips
 17   Beast                       George Perez
 18   Cable                       Dan Brereton
 19   Carnage                     Joe Jusko
 20   Hulk 2099                   Dave Dorman
 21   Doctor Doom                 Glenn Fabry
 22   Daredevil                   Tristan Schane
 23   Iron Fist                   Joe Jusko
 24   Psylocke                    Julie Bell
 25   Morbius                     Brian Stelfreeze
 26   Punisher                    Mike Zeck & Phil Zimelman
 27   Rogue                       Brian Stelfreeze
 28   Sabretooth                  Bill Sienkiewicz
 29   Forge                       Joe Jusko
 30   She-Hulk                    Joe Jusko
 31   Gambit                      Joe Phillips
 32   U.S.Agent                   Frank Spinks
 33   Spider-Woman                Tristan Schane
 34   Stryfe                      Joe Jusko
 35   Thanos                      Ray Lago
 36   Blade                       Tom Palmer
 37   Adam Warlock                Ray Lago
 38   Colossus                    Julie Bell
 39   Magneto                     Jimmy Palmiotti
 40   Vulture                     Bill Sienkiewicz
 41   Spider-Man 2099             Joe Jusko
 42   Punisher 2099               Joe Jusko
 43   Doom 2099                   Joe Jusko
 44   Ravage 2099                 Joe Jusko
 45   Venom                       Dave Dorman
 46   Domino                      Joe Jusko
 47   Annihilus                   Glenn Fabry
 48   Rhino                       Bret Blevins
 49   Puma                        Joe Phillips
 50   Cannonball                  Joe Jusko
 51   Polaris                     Dan Lawlis
 52   Longshot                    Joe Philips
 53   Cyber                       Joe Jusko
 54   Omega Red                   Bret Blevins
 55   Deadpool                    Joe Jusko
 56   Kingpin                     John Romita
 57   Bishop                      Brian Stelfreeze
 58   Absorbing Man               Dave Dormon
 59   Darkhawk                    Ken Steacy
 60   Mystique                    Brian Stelfreeze
 61   Abomination                 Joe Phillips
 62   Wasp                        John Estes
 63   Scorpion                    Bret Blevins
 64   Captain Britain             Joe Phillips
 65   Black Knight                Tom Palmer
 66   Sasquatch                   Brian Stelfreeze
 67   Black Widow                 Joe Chiodo
 68   Typhoid Mary                Bret Blevins
 69   War Machine                 Joe Jusko
 70   Hawkeye                     Ray Lago
 71   Deathlok                    Dan Brereton
 72   Nightcrawler                Kent Williams
 73   Thunderstrike               Joe Jusko
 74   Vengeance                   Tristan Schane
 75   Jean Grey                   Carl Potts
 76   Shatterstar                 Lou Harrison
 77   Beta Ray Bill               Joe Phillips
 78   Night Thrasher              Bret Blevins
 79   Red Skull                   Mike Zeck & Phil Zimelman
 80   Lilith                      Kent Williams
 81   Falcon                      Kent Williams
 82   Hercules                    Ray Lago
 83   Nova                        Ray Lago
 84   Havok                       Joe Phillips
 85   Phoenix                     Lou Harrison
 86   Crystal                     Bret Blevins
 87   Drax                        Lou Harrison
 88   Terrax                      Glenn Fabry
 89   Vulture 2099                Kent Williams
 90   Checklist


X-Men 2099 Dyna-Etch Cards (1:9 packs)

S1    Meanstreak                  Bob Larkin
S2    Cerebra                     Bob Larkin
S3    Krystalin                   Bob Larkin
S4    Metalhead                   Bob Larkin
S5    Serpentina                  Bob Larkin
S6    Bloodhawk                   Bob Larkin
S7    Skullfire                   Bob Larkin
S8    Xi'an                       Bob Larkin

Uncut Sheets

--    (32-card panel, 4 each of X-Men 2099 cards)
--    (90-card panel, base set)

Items Related to the Set

---   Cyber (non-die-cut sticker; distributed in Pizza Hut vending machines)


 30   She-Hulk                    Joe Jusko [marked "Prototype"]
 --   Daredevil                   Tristan Schane [Hero magazine]
 --   Hulk 2099                   Dave Dorman
 --   Venom [black printing]      Dave Dorman [red foil; San Diego Comic Con]
 P8   Venom [gray printing]       Dave Dorman [red foil; scarcer]
 --   (dealer sell sheet)

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