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Marvel Masterpieces 1995 Edition
   Fleer - 1995

Notes:  Also distributed as a "Multi-Foil E-Motion" parallel set of 150.  Thanks much to 
Reginald Bauer for many updates, and to Phillip Dawson, Erik  Suarez, and David 
Rosciszewski! Reports of error cards are common, and it looks like these are just 
production errors rather than variants. Card #87 was printed in an error version, with 
grey printing where the "Patelis" name shows on the card back; card #66 is seen with 
purple printing along the left side and on the Patelis name, instead of blue printing; 
#78 has been found without the gold etching; and Canvas cards are seen with mismatched 
fronts and backs or miscut margins.

The Mirage cards have steadily increased in value, it seems. The 1995 and 1996 
Masterpieces sets had smaller print runs than the previous years, and the Mirage cards are 
the toughest "pack pulled" cards within any year. So they become the holy grail for 
anybody trying to complete the full five-year cycle of sets.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.24 per box if collation were perfect.

No.  Character           Artist               Comments by / Type

  1  Apocalypse           Nelson              Enemy: Cable
  2  Apocalypse           Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Holocaust
  3  Apocalypse           Peter Scanlan       Ally: Mister Sinister
  4  Archangel            Dave Devries        Enemy: Apocalypse
  5  Archangel            Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Psylocke
  6  Archangel            Peter Scanlan       Ally: Iceman
  7  Beast                Dave Devries        Ally: Professor X
  8  Beast                Nelson              Ally: Moira Mactaggart
  9  Beast                Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Mister Sinister
 10  Bishop               Dave Devries        Love Interest: Storm
 11  Bishop               Nelson              Ally: Shard
 12  Bishop               Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Mountjoy
 13  Cable                Dave Devries        Love Interest: Domino
 14  Cable                Nelson              Ally: Jean Grey
 15  Cable                Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Genesis
 16  Captain America      Nelson              Enemy: Red Skull
 17  Captain America      Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Diamondback
 18  Captain America      Peter Scanlan       Ally: Nick Fury
 19  Carnage              Dave Devries        Enemy: Venom
 20  Carnage              Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Spider-Man
 21  Carnage              Nelson              Love Interest: Shriek
 22  Cyclops              Dave Devries        Love Interest: Jean Grey
 23  Cyclops              Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Professor X
 24  Cyclops              Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Mister Sinister
 25  Daredevil            Dave Devries        Enemy: The Kingpin
 26  Daredevil            Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Elektra
 27  Daredevil            Peter Scanlan       Ally: The Punisher
 28  Dr. Doom             Dave Devries        Enemy: Mister Fantastic
 29  Dr. Doom             Nelson              Ally: Magneto
 30  Dr. Doom             Peter Scanlan       Ally: Kristoff
 31  Galactus             Nelson              Enemy: Silver Surfer
 32  Galactus             Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Thanos
 33  Galactus             Peter Scanlan       Ally: Terrax
 34  Gambit               Dave Devries        Love Interest: Rogue
 35  Gambit               Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Storm
 36  Gambit               Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Belladonna
 37  Ghost Rider          Dave Devries        Ally: John Blaze
 38  Ghost Rider          Nelson              Ally: Dan Ketch
 39  Ghost Rider          Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Scarecrow
 40  Hulk                 Dave Devries        Love Interest: Betty Banner
 41  Hulk                 Nelson              Ally: Rick Jones
 42  Hulk                 Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Abomination
 43  Human Torch          Nelson              Love Interest: Lyja
 44  Human Torch          Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Invisible Woman
 45  Human Torch          Peter Scanlan       Ally: Spider-Man
 46  Iceman               Dave Devries        Ally: Professor X
 47  Iceman               Nelson              Ally: Rogue
 48  Iceman               Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: White Queen
 49  Invisible Woman      Nelson              Love Interest: Namor
 50  Invisible Woman      Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Human Torch
 51  Invisible Woman      Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Doctor Doom
 52  Iron Man             Dave Devries        Ally: War Machine
 53  Iron Man             Nelson              Enemy: Mandarin
 54  Iron Man             Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Scarlet Witch
 55  Jean Grey            Nelson              Ally: Wolverine
 56  Jean Grey            Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Cyclops
 57  Jean Grey            Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Sabretooth
 58  Jubilee              Dave Devries        Ally: Wolverine
 59  Jubilee              Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Banshee
 60  Jubilee              Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Emplate
 61  Magneto              Dave Devries        Enemy: Wolverine
 62  Magneto              Nelson              Enemy: Professor X
 63  Magneto              Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Exodux
 64  Mandarin             Dave Devries        Enemy: Iron Man
 65  Mandarin             Nelson              Ally: Modok
 66  Mandarin             Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: War Machine
 67  Mr. Sinister         Dave Devries        Ally: Apocalypse
 68  Mr. Sinister         Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Sabretooth
 69  Mr. Sinister         Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Cyclops
 70  Namor                Nelson              Ally: Captain America
 71  Namor                Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Invisible Woman
 72  Namor                Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Llyron
 73  Professor X          Nelson              Enemy: Magneto
 74  Professor X          Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Lilandra
 75  Professor X          Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Juggernaut
 76  Psylocke             Nelson              Enemy: Spiral
 77  Psylocke             Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Britannic
 78  Psylocke             Peter Scanlan       Love Interest: Archangel
 79  Punisher             Dave Devries        Enemy: Jigsaw
 80  Punisher             Nelson              Ally: Spider-Man
 81  Punisher             Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Kingpin
 82  Rogue                Dave Devries        Love Interest: Gambit
 83  Rogue                Nelson              Ally: Iceman
 84  Rogue                Peter Scanlan       Ally: Mystique
 85  Sabretooth           Dave Devries        Enemy: Wolverine
 86  Sabretooth           Nelson              Ally: Boomer
 87  Sabretooth           Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Mystique
 88  Silver Surfer        Dave Devries        Enemy: Galactus
 89  Silver Surfer        Nelson              Enemy: Mephisto
 90  Silver Surfer        Peter Scanlan       Ally: Pip the Troll
 91  Spider-Man           Dave Devries        Love Interest: Mary Jane Parker
 92  Spider-Man           Nelson              Ally: Venom
 93  Spider-Man           Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: J. Jonah Jameson
 94  Storm                Dave Devries        Love Interest: Forge
 95  Storm                Nelson              Ally: Gambit
 96  Storm                Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Callisto
 97  Thanos               Dave Devries        Ally: Warlock
 98  Thanos               Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Silver Surfer
 99  Thanos               Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Galactus
100  Thing                Dave Devries        Love Interest: Alicia Masters
101  Thing                Dimitrios Patelis   Ally: Human Torch
102  Thing                Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Doctor Doom
103  Thor                 Dave Devries        Enemy: Loki
104  Thor                 Dimitrios Patelis   Love Interest: Lady Sif
105  Thor                 Peter Scanlan       Ally: Thunderstrike
106  Venom                Nelson              Enemy: Carnage
107  Venom                Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Spider-Man
108  Venom                Peter Scanlan       Enemy: Scarlet Spider
109  War Machine          Dave Devries        Ally: Iron Man
110  War Machine          Dimitrios Patelis   Enemy: Mandarin
111  War Machine          Peter Scanlan       Ally: Hawkeye
112  Wolverine            Dave Devries        Enemy: Sabretooth
113  Wolverine            Nelson              Ally: Jean Grey
114  Wolverine            Peter Scanlan       Ally: Jubilee
115  Black Cat            Nelson              Artist Picks
116  Black Panther        Dave Devries        Artist Picks
117  Blaze                Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
118  Colossus             Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
119  Cyber                Nelson              Artist Picks
120  Deadpool             Dave Devries        Artist Picks
121  Deathlok             Nelson              Artist Picks
122  Domino               Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
123  Dr. Octopus          Nelson              Artist Picks
124  Elektra              Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
125  Emplate              Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
126  Green Goblin         Dave Devries        Artist Picks
127  Hobgoblin            Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
128  Juggernaut           Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
129  Kingpin              Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
130  Lizard               Nelson              Artist Picks
131  Loki                 Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
132  Mephisto             Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
133  Modok                Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
134  Mojo                 Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
135  Mr. Fantastic        Dave Devries        Artist Picks
136  Mystique             Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
137  Nightcrawler         Dave Devries        Artist Picks
138  Omega Red            Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
139  Penance              Dave Devries        Artist Picks
140  Red Skull            Dave Devries        Artist Picks
141  Rhino                Nelson              Artist Picks
142  Sauron               Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
143  Scarlet Spider       Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
144  Shatterstar          Peter Scanlan       Artist Picks
145  She-Hulk             Nelson              Artist Picks
146  Skin                 Dave Devries        Artist Picks
147  Spider-Man 2099      Nelson              Artist Picks
148  Strong Guy           Dave Devries        Artist Picks
149  Tyrant               Dimitrios Patelis   Artist Picks
150  Vision               Nelson              Artist Picks
151  Marvel Masterpieces                      Checklist


Canvas Cards (1:2 packs)

 1 of 22  Archangel            Nelson
 2 of 22  Beast                Peter Scanlan
 3 of 22  Bishop               Peter Scanlan
 4 of 22  Cable                Peter Scanlan
 5 of 22  Daredevil            Nelson
 6 of 22  Galactus             Dave Devries
 7 of 22  Gambit               Nelson
 8 of 22  Ghost Rider          Dimitrios Patelis
 9 of 22  Human Torch          Dave Devries
10 of 22  Iceman               Peter Scanlan
11 of 22  Invisible Woman      Dave Devries
12 of 22  Jubilee              Nelson
13 of 22  Magneto              Peter Scanlan
14 of 22  Namor                Dave Devries
15 of 22  Professor X          Dave Devries
16 of 22  Psylocke             Dave Devries
17 of 22  Punisher             Dimitrios Patelis
18 of 22  Rogue                Dimitrios Patelis
19 of 22  Silver Surfer        Dimitrios Patelis
20 of 22  Spider-Man           Peter Scanlan
21 of 22  Thing                Nelson
22 of 22  War Machine          Nelson

Holoflash Cards (1:12 packs)

 1 of 8   Apocalypse           Dave Devries
 2 of 8   Carnage              Dimitrios Patelis
 3 of 8   Dr. Doom             Dimitrios Patelis
 4 of 8   Mandarin             Peter Scanlan
 5 of 8   Mr. Sinister         Nelson
 6 of 8   Sabretooth           Peter Scanlan
 7 of 8   Thanos               Nelson
 8 of 8   Venom                Dave Devries

Mirage Cards (1:360 packs)

 1 of 2   Classic Avengers: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor
 2 of 2   X-Men: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Wolverine

Lithograph (sold separately)

  --      (Image from #2 of 2 Mirage card)

Uncut Holoflash Sheet

  --      (36-card panel, with 4 copies each of Carnage, Mr. Sinister,
           Sabretooth, and Venom; and 5 copies each of Apocalypse, Dr.
           Doom, Mandarin, and Thanos)


 --  Iceman - Scanlan ("Promotional Sample", canvas

 --  Dare to Compare! (4-up panel, 5" x 7"; all images of Wolverine; artwork by 
     Dave Devries, Nelson DeCastro, Dimitrios Patelis, and Peter Scanlan; 
     magazine insert)

Dealer Promo Package

 --  (2-pocket die-cut folder)
 --  (Sales brochure)
 --  Survey sheet
 --  Product Fact Sheet
 --  Product Feature Summary Sheet
 --  (4-up promo panel, as above)
 --  Checklist Sheet

 --  (Dealer sell sheet, blank back; distributed separately from package)

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