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Marvel Master Prints Series 1
   Marvel - 2001

Notes: Cards are 6-1/2" x 10" with descriptive text on card backs, and were sold 
individually. Thanks much to Chris Brewer for the update!

    Title                                         Artist

    Black Widow                                   J. G. Jones
    Captain America                               Travis Charest
    Daredevil                                     Joe Quesada
    Elektra                                       Bill Sienkiewicz
    Elektra                                       Greg Horn
    Phoenix & Wolverine                           Ian Churchill
    Spider-Man                                    John Romita, Jr.
    Spider-Man & Daredevil                        Alex Ross
    The Avengers                                  Alex Ross
    The Hulk                                      Kaare Andrews
    The Punisher                                  Tim Bradstreet
    Wolverine                                     Frank Quitely


    Elektra [black costume]
    Elektra [oil derricks; San Diego Comic Con]   Greg Horn
    Elektra [red beach; San Diego Comic Con]      Greg Horn
    Elektra [Eiffel Tower; San Diego Comic Con]   Greg Horn

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