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Super Heroes Milk Mustache Trading Cards
(Marvel "Got Milk?")
   National Fluid Milk Processor Promotion Board - 1999

Notes: This set was available through a mail-inand web promotion (individual cards) 
and in Marvel Comics (panels). Two types of panels were found: one with the middle 
card shown only in silhouette, and another with three full images plus the middle card 
in silhouette. The middle cards are marked as "Ultra Rare" because they could 
not be cut from the triptych panels. Thanks to Sean Wright for updates!

  Character        Panel Position


  Dr. Doom

  Captain America

Triptych Cards

  Venom            left
  Spider-Man       center  (Ultra Rare, silhouette)
  Daredevil        right

  A-Next           left
  Spider-Girl      center  (Ultra Rare, silhouette)
  Dr. Doom         right

  Hulk             left
  Captain America  center  (Ultra Rare, silhouette)
  She-Hulk         right

4-Card Panels

  Venom            left
  Spider-Man       center
  Spider-Man       center  (silhouette)
  Daredevil        right

  A-Next           left
  Spider-Girl      center
  Spider-Girl      center  (silhouette)
  Dr. Doom         right

  Hulk             left
  Captain America  center
  Captain America  center  (silhouette)
  She-Hulk         right

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