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Marvel Superheroes Pepsi Prism Set
Pepsi/Marvel - 1994

Notes:  These cards were distributed as product premiums with Pepsi
products, at least in Puerto Rico and Guatemala.  The first nine cards
have the same fronts as the prism inserts for the 100-card Mexican,
Puerto Rican/Dominican Republic, and Guatemalan sets, but are
numbered "1 de 25" (etc.) instead of "1 de 9". The other 16 cards
appear to have been added later based on the success of the insert
sets, and show images from Marvel Masterpieces 1994 (art by Greg
and Tim Hildebrandt).  The card-back designs are similar to those
used for the Mexican-set inserts, except for the "1 de 25" markings.
Many thanks to Reginald Bauer for the checklist, and to Carlos
Aranda-Díaz and Amalia Barrios for comments!

    No.     Title

  1 de 25   Hulk
  2 de 25   Punisher
  3 de 25   Carnage
  4 de 25   Gambit
  5 de 25   Hombre Araña  [Spider-Man]
  6 de 25   Ghost Rider
  7 de 25   La Mole  [The Thing]
  8 de 25   Cíclope  [Cyclops]
  9 de 25   Hombre de Acero  [Iron Man]
 10 de 25   Punisher
 11 de 25   Daredevil
 12 de 25   Cable
 13 de 25   Captain America
 14 de 25   Hulk
 15 de 25   Guerra de Armaduras  [War Machine]
 16 de 25   Wolverine
 17 de 25   Hombre de Acero  [Iron Man]
 18 de 25   Carnage
 19 de 25   Hombre Araña  [Spider-Man]
 20 de 25   Cíclope  [Cyclops]
 21 de 25   La Bruja Escarlata  [The Scarlet Witch]
 22 de 25   Venom
 23 de 25   Gambit
 24 de 25   Magneto
 25 de 25   Titania  [Rogue]

©2002, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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